1442 Barras St

     I was buckling into my seatbelt in the purple mini-van after a normal April day in the first grade. I noticed my mother turned the wrong way from the parking lot & was driving to my Nana & Papa’s house rather than our own, which was a pretty common occurrence. I realized though, that the purple mini-van was loaded with things that belonged in our house & I immediately began to question my mother. I was overjoyed as she explained to me that her & my dad had spent the day moving us out of our old house and we were going to be living with my grandparents (her parents) for a short while. My young innocent mind could not manage to understand why my mother wasn’t thrilled about this news too.

      Well, a short while turned to an awfully long long long while, 1 month shy of 7 years to be exact. The story picks up again when I’m 14 years old, it’s March, a few days before my sister’s birthday. My dad picked us all up from school, & once again, took the opposite root “home.” He convinced us that my mother was at a friend’s house & we had to go pick her up. He also oddly warned us that we had to take our shoes off if we went inside. As soon as he turned the purple mini-van into the neighborhood, my heart leapt inside me. I’m positive I didn’t breathe again until I reached the house. I knew exactly where we going as he pulled into the driveway & it was not to pick up my mother from some lady’s house; we were finally going home. My dad  opened the door & I burst into uncontrollable tears. Every member of my family, all 6 of us recall that day as one the best of our lives. Recalling it still brings tears to my eyes and singing to my heart. Those first few sacred moments in the crisp, empty house are forever  irreplaceable. 

 I know this seems such a dramatic way to start a blog, all deep & emotional; but in a way, this blog is going to be my new home. I’m going to plant roots here. An establishment for my ideas, a sort of sanctuary for my thoughts. It will be a refuge, a place to divulge somewhat useful information as well as provide both laughter & comfort, pulling from my daily encounters & life experiences. All in hope, that my silly writings might reach whoever needs it most & glorify God. I expect to fully enjoy this journey.

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