The Best Tuna Fish Salad Ever!

     I know tuna is definitely not the prettiest or the best-smelling food to use for my first recipe post , but it’s what I had in my dorm room to make & I promise it is sooooo yummy! So here you go:

     This recipe is mostly my Nana’s, I’ve just put some measurements to it 🙂  




     You will need tuna, an apple, a hard-boiled egg, mayo, mustard, & relish.




     In a mixing bowl combine an 5 oz. can of tuna- drained, half of a large apple- chopped, & one hard-boiled egg- chopped




    Next add 1/4 c of mayo, 1 tbs of mustard, & 2 tbs of pickle relish…& a little sprinkle of sugar never hurt anything! Just a pinch of sugar or sweetener will actually balance the acidity of the pickle relish. 




     Mix it all up & you’ve got some awesome tuna salad! This could be eaten right away, but if you put it in the fridge for a bit all those flavors can really get together. 




     I like to eat mine on buttery crackers. It’s good on a slice of toasted bread too or wrap it up in a tortilla with some lettuce & tomato…yum! 


     I usually doulbe, triple, or quadruple this recipe when I’m at home. Since its just for me today, I used only one can of tuna. So you can easily double up on this. 

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  • Nice to put quantities of the ingredients in the recipe! Good job! Be sure to put SWEET pickle relish, not dill pickle relish. Now I need to make some! Love ya:)

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