She Had Feathers in Her Hair

    Who wouldn’t want fancy feathers in their hair? I sure do! So I did it Jordan did it & then taught me how to do it too. Now I’m teaching you:

     You’ll need an assortment of feathers (we got these at hobby lobby for a few dollars), crimp beads, thread, scissors, & pliers. 

     Cut a piece of thread a couple  of inches long. Slide a crimp bead onto one end of the thread. Then slip the other end through the crimp bead, so it creates a loop, like so. 

     Pull a very small piece of hair away from the rest. Then pull the crimp bead loop up around the strands of hair. 

     Now the trickiest part, for me anyway. Grab the two ends of thread together in one hand & pull the crimp bead all the way to the end so that it loops onto the hair & off of the string.

     Position the crimp bead at the desirable feather spot. 

     Fit the quill of the feather(s) through the crimp bead. 

     Flatten the crimp bead with a pair of good pliers. Now you’ve got a feather in your hair too! 

     These are mine 🙂 They will stay as long as you let them! Just be aware of them whenever you’re running your fingers through your hair/ brushing your hair. Wash your hair normally, washing the feathers too. When I wear my hair curly, I even curl my feathers, treating them like the rest of my hair. Have fun!