Bun Ties

It’s Friday night & I’m definitely taking a break from avoiding writing my exegetical paper on Ruth 3 that’s due tomorrow night. I can only hope yours is playing out a bit more exciting than mine.

So a couple weekends ago, Michael & I were perusing through the Galleria & picking up some new jeans at American Eagle.

As we were checking out, I spotted this super-cute, no-idea-what-it-was, hair thing.

He said grab it; so I did. Duhhhh.

When we got in the car I tried playing with it in my hair & couldn’t quite figure it out.

3 things I knew for sure:

1. It was pretty & wirey contraption

2. It was too small to go around my head

3. It was too big to wrap around my ponytail

What did I just make him spend good money on?

I’ll tell/show you. A bun wrap!


You can get the same one, here!

After some Googling/Pinteresting I figured it out. Luckily, I’ve perfected my sock bun by this point so a bun tie is a great way to revive the plain sock bun.

Here’s the pictures that helped me, in case you need some help too. Bun ties are way confusing.


links to original photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

Oh & here‘s a good tutorial on the sock bun. In case you need that too 😉

Speaking of sock buns & bun ties, I wore this for the first time on Wednesday. One of the professors (whose office is in the area I work) told me I looked Asian (which I have no offense too, except the fact is I am not). He said it was because of my hair…I’m not gonna lie, I totally realized my hair combined with the wrap around it looked like Mulan  at that point. Ya know after she chops her hair off with the sword & tries to look like a man? Yep, made me feel great.