He Went to Jared's…

No, really he did.

Today, November 24, 2013, is the best of my life.

It will remain so until it is replaced with our wedding day.

I am the happiest & most blessed girl in the world. You cannot convince me otherwise.

It all started yesterday…Michael challenged my Dad to an arm-wrestling contest. Supposedly, my Father had to arm-wrestle my Mom’s Dad in order to receive his permission to marry his daughter. Whether or not that actually happened who knows. My Dad decided to carry on the tradition & so the arm-wrestle took place. We all gathered around to watch & snap photos. Luckily, Michael won.

Then today he asked me to be his wife. I’m pretty sure I said yes at some point šŸ™‚

He had a plan for my proposal that changed last minute because we were across town & “hungry,” then changed again because the restaurant was closed. Eventually we ended up at a fancy Italian place I’d never been to over near the Galleria called Grotto’s. I honestly couldn’t tell you how their food tastes, I hardly ate a bite. I think we’ll go back sometime so I can actually try their food!

Anyways, the place was pretty full & the tables were so crowded. Walking to the restroom was like a maze. He kept asking me how long we’d been dating for & I kept answering like, “uh hello don’t you know this?” Apparently that was his lead into the proposal. But the waitress kept interrupting after that line so he just repeated it till he could finish. I finally replied, Ā “almost 3 years.” Then he asked me if I liked dating him (Umm, obviously!). I just said, “I guess,” because I wan’t quite sure where he was going with this. Then he asked if I would rather be married to him & I shook my head, starting to get the point here. Then he got down (halfway under the table since the place was so squished!), whipped out this little white box & asked me if I wanted to marry him. I didn’t say yes right away I just told him to put it on my finger! I asked over & over if it was real (not the ring, the question). When I finally realized it was for real I remembered I needed to say yes. Then I had to calm myself down before I started bawling. We called & texted everyone & went crazy on social media. Then we had to put our phones away so we could enjoy the moment. We are loving all this attention though! Being engaged is exciting & I cannot wait to get planning…JK I started planning this baby when I was 12 years old. šŸ˜‰

I cannot wait to marry the man that God created all for me!

PS- Be expecting tons of wedding posts in the future y’all


O wait, this is really what you all care about- THE RING!


Simple perfection.

2 thoughts on “He Went to Jared's…”

  • Yes, I did actually defeat my father-in-law in an arm wrestling match in order to win Cathryne’s mother’s hand. It was the best thing I have ever done other than have 4 wonderful children with my beloved bride.

    Congratulations to Michael and Cathryne!

    Cathryne’s Father

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