Junk Gypsy & Blue Bell

Yesterday, me & my lovely best friend, Jordan, spent a day in Round Top, TX. No not Round Rock (everyone seems to be getting the two confused). Round Top, where the population is only 90!

Let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS! I so want to go back already! It was only a 2 hour drive!

We had been planning to go to Junk Gypsy Headquarters for quite a while & it finally worked out. I took a million (literally) photos to share. Although, they are all from my phone & not top-quality…bare with me if you dare. jg11

This is the view across the parking lot. I thought it was a neat old house. Places like these are all around Roundtop.


Here’s there nice little walkway lined with old china dishes. How cool is that! It reminds me of  Alice in Wonderland.


You’ve got to take the typical tourist photo in front of ‘large marge the party barge.


What an incredible building! I don’t know what my favorite part of it is, it’s all too wonderful!

Now, a peek on the inside:



There is sooooo much to look at. Take your time.

jg25 jg26

I have a secret adoration for vintage bikes. They had the neatest tricycle covered in buckets of glitter. Every little girl’s dream.


That patriotic flag swag is right on.

jg29 jg30

Mermaid statue? How fun is that!

 jg32 jg33

Their awesome check out thing reminds me of the circus but the old indian reminds me of the rodeo! Rodeo circus it is.


I’d like to twirl around in these for hours.



These gals did the Shelton’s (as in Miranda & Blake) wedding & you can see it all on their blog! I’ve gotten so much inspiration for our wedding from this post.


In love with this oversized American flag…where can I get one of these?


I seriously want need this chair. They have matching throw pillows & blankets at Bass Pro. Now imagine it all on a deep dark wood floor with a huge fluffy white fur rug. I see a living room set coming together!


I’m positive I’ve seen those lights hanging in my Great-grandmother’s bedroom.


This bed is so girly-gorgeous & to die for. I was impressed every time I turned around here.


They’ve really got it all, including a vintage pinball machine.


All the doors were ‘chippy-peely’ to perfection. These are absolutely my fave set.


Even the bathroom was adorable. That pink sink!!


We left having spent way too much money, but so pleased with our finds.

Then we wandered a minute or so back up the road to the famous Roundtop Cafe…It was so neat & so not what I expected at all. The building looks like a shack. The food is so so so absolutely delicious. They have it all from burgers to quail.


You can see why Junk Gypsy fits so flawlessly in Roundtop. They are truly lovers of junk in that tiny town.


First, you get a basket of amazingly sweet biscuits. They come with apple butter & herb butter. I liked them both equally, then I tried them together. Pure heaven folks. I’m tellin’ ya.  I’m itching to make some apple butter & sweet biscuits asap.

 jg6 jg7

Every table had a glass with reading glasses in it. I thought that was a nice touch.


This is the outside of the little cafe.


Loooooove this bench & their yellow brick road.

They’re also famous for their pie. Which we did not get to try. I’ll just have to go back again. Darn.

The Blue Bell factory was only 30 minutes away. Naturally, we had to stop.


Can’t go wrong with this y’all!


We actually got a personal tour of the facility. It was very educational. I’m a huge Blue Bell fan & tend to turn my nose up at other ice cream brands. I guess you could say I’m cranky about my flavors too.


What a fun day!!

Thanks for sifting through my awful photos.

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