Work It Out Jar

If you’re anything like me, or any other human on the earth, you need some motivation to work out. I feel ya.

So, I made myself this super shiny jar of workouts.



I’m hoping it’ll aid in my lack of motivation. It was a fun & easy project too. Obviously, I’d much rather craft than work out.


I used multicolored craft sticks to write different exercises on & color- coded them by body part. For example, 25 sit ups goes on a purple stick for ‘abs.’ I made a color for abs, legs, arms, butt, & full body (for those exercises that work multiple muscles).


Don’t look too close or you might see some strangely named exercises jumbled in there. I couldn’t remember the names for some of my favorite ones so I improvised…


I used a plain old can, washed & dried, to store my colorful workout sticks. I cut out the letters using my Silhouette as well as a lonely chevron stripe. You can download my cut file for free right here!!!!!


I plan to make it a game where I pick 2-3 out of each color come workout time. Then I do what those sticks say to do. If I’m feeling really extra motivated by my fancy-schmancy jar, I may even do them all twice! Someone stop me!

What are your tricks for working out & sticking with it?

Hope this can help you too get motivated!

Yayyyyy for exercise!

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