14 Last Minute V-Day Ideas {For Everyone/Everything}

Are you still scrambling to get some Valentine’s thoughtfulness/creativity together? Don’t fret my friends! I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing 14 knock-your-socks-off ideas that cover everyone/everything on your list!



For Breakfast. Unroll a can of cinnamon rolls into precious heart shapes then bake ’em up. See where I found the idea here at Poppies at Play. Add a side of bacon cooked in the shape of a heart & you’re golden! If you’re feeling extra mushy, you could add a glass of pink strawberry milk. Yum!


For Dessert. Look no further. This is as easy as it gets y’all. Strawberries, angel food cake, & melty chocolate on a stick. Check it out here at Burlap & Babies.


For Your House. Seriously easy, pastel-y, pink, sweet nothings. Pour some of these candy sweethearts around a candle in a clear candleholder/vase & it’s Valentine’s Day. Done. Get the full scoop here over at Eclectic Enthusiast. She made the whole thing with supplies from the Dollar Tree. Holla!


For Your Man. You can stick these clever printables around root beer too or whatever your man likes. This an easy please gift. I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints. Head over to Soho Sonnet & download the free printables here.


For Your Mom. My mom loves orange juice. Or at least I think she does, she’s always drinking it. So when I saw this printable I imagined it’d be perfect for moms like mine. They need their vitamin c! These little bottles of simply orange are usually only $1.00 at Walmart. If you’re feeling generous, you could even buy your mom the full-size jug. She’ll love you forever. I promise! Get the fun printable here from See Vanessa Craft.


For Your Neighbor. This is the easiest/quickest “homemade” candy currently in existence. You only need 3 ingredients- mini pretzels (which are fortunately in the shape of a heart), hugs, & m&m’s. Get the recipe here at Kalli Says. They’re a perfect snack to share in a pretty container or clear jar for Valentine’s Day.


For Your Favorite Teacher. So cute & so simple. This will be much appreciated by any teacher. Just head on over here to Jolly Mom, download & print the card then stick a Burt’s Bees chap stick to it. Easy peasy.


For Your BFF. This might be “cheating” since I’m basically giving the same idea twice. But it’s a good one! Jolly Mom makes 2 printable versions, one for teachers & one for friends. Download both here & you’ve got 2 people taken of! Plus they usually come in packs of 3- one for teacher, one for friend, one for yourself!


For Your Little Man. He probably knows he’s a stud muffin already, but a little reminder won’t hurt! Get a package of his favorite muffins & stick this on the top. Get the info here from Cricut. If you don’t have an electronic cutting tool, simplify this by typing up a quick version in Word with a cool font.


For Your Baby Girl. What little girl, or big girl for that matter, doesn’t love to color? Download & print out a few of these free, adorable coloring pages here from Lil Luna. Don’t forget a brand new box of crayons! That’s sure to make her heart pitter-patter.


For Your Teenagers. They’re easily pleased with candy & something not too over the top. This should do the trick. Another free printable from Lil Luna, isn’t she great! Download it here & print away.


For Your Dog. Because, well, why not? Who wouldn’t want to see their pet in this on Valentine’s Day? This doesn’t really link to anywhere. Seems simple enough to try though! Cut a giant heart out of construction paper or poster board then cut a circle out of the middle for your pet’s face. Make sure you send it to all your friends & post it all over social media.


For Grandma. A gift for grandma that’s really a gift for you! Win-Win. All grandma’s love to bake right? This is perfect V-Day gift for that sort of lady. Pick up a box of brownie mix at the grocery store & tie this free printable on with some pretty ribbon. Get that printable here from Spoonful.


For Your Kid’s Friends. Or your friends? Spread the Valentine’s cheer wherever you go! Find these free printables here over at mommy GAGA. She has all the instructions on how to put together these easy/inexpensive V-Day goodies. Much cheaper than candy, lasts longer than candy, & super creative to boot. Plus I’m pretty sure Target has a nice size pack of these glow sticks in their one spot for a dollar. You could even print these out in black & white & it would still look cool because of the glow.

Thank you to the amazing bloggers who shared those lovely ideas!

I really hope you found at least one good idea out of all those! Good luck with your last-minuteness & Happy Valentine’s week!

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