10 Rustic Houston Wedding Venues

In my venue search, I’ve thumbed through countless places online trying to find ones that are somewhat “affordable” as well as within good distance & with that o-so-popular ‘rustic charm.’ Honestly, if I knew anyone close enough with a bunch of empty land with a pretty fence & a big barn I’d be there in a heartbeat. But I don’t…so I have to spend money. Darn!

Big barns are hard to come by in the Houston area & not all of these venues include them. There are PLENTY of them outside of Houston. However, I do not desire to haul everyone/everything 2+ hours away for a wedding. Not my idea of fun & stress-free!

Here’s the best of rustic Houston has to offer & what I’ve narrowed it down to. Now, keep in mind, I have not visited any of these in person.  This is simply a starting point as a result of my online viewing. If you have any suggestions/comments/warnings concerning any of these places, let me know in the comments! I’m hoping this will save some of you other engaged (or not engaged) gals from looking through so many way too pricey or so not rustic options. These are in no specific order.


1. Pine Lake Ranch in Montgomery, TX.

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2. Town Hall Texas in The Woodlands & Conroe, TX.

wedv4 wedv5 wedv6

3. Rock Lake Ranch in Anderson, TX.

wedv7 wedv8 wedv9

4. The Springs in Angelton, TX.

wedv10 wedv11 wedv12

5. Oak Tree Manor in Spring, TX.


Could not get photos off their website, but there are a ton of great photos here on the Parfait Photo site, check ’em out!

6. George Ranch in Richmond, TX

wedv17 wedv19 wedv20

7. Oakwind Bed & Breakfast in Alvin, TX.

wedv13wedv14 wedv15

8. The Springs in Montgomery, TX.

wedv21 wedv22 wedv23

9. Briscoe Manor in Richmond, TX

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10. The Orchard in Caney Creek, TX.

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11. Ashelynn Manor in Magnolia, TX.

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Click on the links for more information.

Hopefully this is of much help as I’ve imagined it would be. Happy wedding planning ladies!

**All photos were copied from venue websites.

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