Manfast- Breakfast of Men

Long, long ago in a land far, far away, men ate manly sandwiches for breakfast. They referred to this meal as manfast. Only manly men were allowed to eat the manfast & all the women were jealous. They’re mouths watered as they watched the manly men eat their manfest. The women could only eat plain breakfast of plain, feminine, breakfast sandwiches. They were hungry. They too needed a hearty manfast to start their day off. It was a dark time for the women. It was a dark & dreary time, indeed.

But what is manfast you may ask & where is this far, far away land?

Luckily, the land is far, far gone now. Lands have changed & all lands now let women eat whatever they desire for breakfast. The manfast has been long forgotten & remains a mere legend to most land people.

My fiancée is a land man & he stumbled upon the ancient manfast one evening. Eagerly, he prepared the manfast the next morning. That manfast was a feast of a sandwich; I heard about it for weeks. Weeks, I tell you!

Although I am a woman, lands have changed & they are no longer dark. So you know what? I thought I’d give manfast a try. I thought the manfast would be the perfect occasion to try my new Sargento cheese slices that my Influenster friends gave me to try.

Guess what? It was! So now I’ll share the ancient legend of the manfast.

Be warned, we’re going where few breakfast sandwiches have gone before…


I hope you enjoyed my silly story. I hope it made you laugh. If nothing else, please laugh at me & my weirdness.

I thought I should make today’s blog a little more interesting…are ya with me?


Like I mentioned, I’m part of the Influenster program where I get to try products  & then review them. This is my first try, so we’ll see how it goes! I love cheese already, so I was excited to get the Sargento ultra thin package. They sent me that striped pouch too.


The pouch is perfect to keep my cheeses cold from the store to the house.


First things first, a good manfast starts with a couple buttered slices of wheat bread. Then turn them into toast.

Cook a few slices of bacon. The absolute easiest way to cook bacon is in the microwave. I cook it on a small stone pan covered with a paper towel. The rule of thumb is 1 minute per piece of bacon then check it & add 30 sec. at a time till it’s done.


This is the legendary manly addition, hash browns! You can find these in freezer section & cook them in a variety of ways. My favorite is the toaster. You’ll need to put it down at least twice on most toasters. You could microwave it, but it turns out a little soggy. Deep frying & an oven are 2 other options.


Next step, fried egg. Add a smidge of butter to a pan & let it melt.

Or get extra man points for using bacon grease! One of the best lessons my grandpa ever taught me.


Add some salt & pepper & flip your egg over.


 Then top with a slice of Sargento ultra thin cheddar jack or the cheese of your choice.


Alrighty, back to where we began with the perfectly, golden, buttered toast.


Spread on your favorite jelly.


Then begin sandwich assembly: bread, egg, cheese, & a big mess of bacon.


Ahh, but we cannot forget the final piece of this mafast, what sets it apart from all other breakfast sandwiches, the hash brown.


Just look at that hash brown, sitting atop the average breakfast sandwich in all it’s golden manfast glory.


Please, try not to eat your computer…


Look at those manfast insides…Oh a closer look you say?

This sandwich does not disappoint y’all.


Thank you Sargento, Influenster, & my toaster for making this manfast possible.

The obvious occasion for this manfast meal is Father’s Day. But I challenge you, serve it your moms for Mother’s Day next weekend. They are tired of dainty, feminine breakfasts. What they really want is a big ole’ manfast! Trust me children. 😉

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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