Fall Front Porch

Well hello dear friends!

I know I have not blogged in many months, but the time has come to pick it up again & I am thrilled to be at my computer blogging away!

I’m striving to keep this a regular thing & put all I can into sharing my Slice of Southern Pie! So check back daily for fresh inspiration & improvements on this little blog as it grows.

It’s finally cooling down here this morning! Now it really, really feels as if fall has arrived.

Perfect for today because I’m sharing my fall porch set up. I had so much fun putting it together & picking out all kinds of different pumpkins.


I love the gorgeous colors of fall.


First things first, meet my lovely owl, Otis. He keeps quiet & keeps the critters away.

Michael named him after we picked him up at an antique store. Otis is responsible for starting the whole porch, he looked pretty lonely sitting there all by himself.


Since burlap is the texture of all things fall, a big burlap wreath seemed like the perfect addition.


My favorite part is the tiny gold acorns hanging down the middle.

I’ll be sharing more details on the wreath here tomorrow!


On the left side we have a giant orange mum and a baby maroon mum. I sat the smaller mum in a scalloped bronze bowl I grabbed at the thrift store, for height.

The orange & green pumpkins are sitting on top of thick log slices and a rusty creamy basket holds a couple smaller pumpkins.


Those gold-rimmed pots are probably my favorite part of the porch. Be on the look out for more info on those later this week!


Over here we Otis, of course, watching over those precious pumpkins.He’s sitting on a gorgeous old stump I stripped a while back.

I found the it on our family’s farm a couple of years ago & simply couldn’t leave without it.  My father painstakingly made it fit back in the car for me on the ride home. 🙂 What a sweet dad!

All the twists, shoots, & knots coming off of it are absolutely gorgeous. The prettiest hunk of tree I ever saw!


Not as much is going on on this side, a medium mum, and a collection of orange & white pumpkins.

The pimply one is so neat looking & sitting ugly on a log slice.


Fall’s last flowers, love this deep, dark red shade. Hoping they’ll carry me well into December!


You might not see it, put these pumpkins are smiling because they’re so happy to be on my porch.

Can’t blame them really. 😉


I stuck to the natural feelings of fall- mums, pumpkins, wood, rust, & burlap.

How’s your porch shaping up like for fall?

I couldn’t go the spooky route, I’d scare myself every time I walked inside. The neighbors spiderwebs scare me a little…


Come back tomorrow for a peek at what I’ve done inside!

Blessings y’all,


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