Fall at The Manor

I just realized the titles of the last 3 posts I’ve written all start with “Fall.”  Oops…time to get more creative in my titles! It’s just that time of year isn’t it? Hopefully soon I’ll have some non-fall titled posts to share. Lol.

Anyway, I’m so extremely excited about this post! I’m fixing to show off my first ever real holiday decor of any kind. Nothing up to this point really counts.

Michael & I picked everything out & had the house built over the last year. We’re calling it the manor cause we’re super fancy like that. Designing everything was my favorite part. However, if we would’ve known how hard these floors would be to clean…forget it! He moved in, in July. I won’t be actually moving in till we get married, but until then I’m preparing it & spending much more time over here than anywhere else. Fortunately, he doesn’t mind much me decorating everything all up & making it fancy as long as that means I’m cooking dinner too. 😉

So here’s what the first fall at the Manor is beginning to look like…


Let’s take a little stroll through the place, shall we?

If you haven’t yet, take a look at my fall front porch so you can be properly greeted.


Down the long entryway I’ve started 2 gallery walls in the art niches.

They were begging for some fall, so I complied with a baby orange pumpkin & a mini gold pinecone.

(Both holders from Hobby Lobby)


I spray painted a few of the pinecones from a big pack (Target) gold, as well as a couple mini pumpkins & acorns (Hobby Lobby). I wanted a mix of gold ones & natural ones for a rustic glam feel.


Added a tiny touch in the half bath with some plush pumpkins, straight from the Target dollar spot. The colors went well.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff, the big picture.


I’m totally in love with my mantle. I’ll try to point out sources! This little fox (my favorite part) was only $3 at Target. They have lots of other woodland creatures too.

The basket came from the Target dollar spot, the wheat & jute balls from Michaels, the jar from my grandmother, & the wooden chair from the thrift store.


The galvanized M & the thing next to it (no clue what to refer to that as??) are from Hobby Lobby. The wood slice was a DIY project I may share soon & the antlers I got for a steal at Texas antiques week. The brass pedestal came from the thrift store & the giant mason jar & pumpkin came from Target.


My 2nd favorite part of the mantle, the cotton wreath, came from a booth at Texas antiques week & the berry garland is from Michael’s


The bronze pedestal came from the thrift store. I’ve found so many similar items for dirt cheap there. One of my best secrets.


I love the muted colors of the pumpkins I saved for inside. The metal basket came from Target too, in the dollar spot.


I love the mixed pinecones! This baskets from Target also…I spend way too much time there.


This was such a great find & a fun piece to decorate. I can already see it full of pretty bulbs come Christmas. But I’m getting way ahead of myself here folks.


I found it at Hobby Lobby for half off. It goes perfectly with the 2 large mantlepieces, so I knew it’d go great on the coffee table.


I filled it up with all kinds of trinkets & lined the bins with burlap pieces.


Golden pumpkins are all the rage I hear.


The fillers came from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, & Target. Just like everything else!


Aren’t those acorns the neatest thing you ever saw? They’ll transition perfectly into my woodsy Christmas plans.


This is what the corner of the living room looks like. In case you were wondering. I knew you were.

By the way, that rug truly is amazing, just impossible to clean.


Found that throw blanket on sale at Target the other day, you know on those secret clearance end caps?

Makes it feel all cozy & fall-like in here.


It is Halloween so you must put candy out on the counter. My Grandma taught me to always have candy corn in October, cause it’s her favorite & she’ll eat it all if left unattended.

Just want to point out that squirrel I found at the thrift store for a dollar & a quarter. I saw him a few days later in an antique store for a whopping $16. Yay for thrift stores!

Both of the other candy dishes are from Target. But I’m sure you already guessed that.


I covered my lazy Susan with this pretty BHG placemat I found at Walmart. They really do have some cute things in the collection. Have you seen the raccoon candy dishes? Not sure how I feel about taking candy out of a raccoon if ya know what I mean.

I also added a tiny golden acorn in a tiny Fiesta dish.


I filled my Target dollar spot cornucopia with burlap scraps, feathers, & more pinecones.

That’s fall at the Manor!

If you actually read that stuff, good job! If not, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Come back soon!

Blessings y’all,


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