Fall Burlap Wreath

Goodmorning folks!

Like promised yesterday, I’ll be sharing a little more insight as to what went into my fall wreath.

I’ve always wanted to make one of those bubbly, burlap wreaths but hadn’t had the opportunity yet. A new fall front porch was the perfect occasion!


You can see the whole shebang on yesterday’s post here.

Now, onto that wreath!



Gather up some supplies- a wire wreath frame, lots of burlap, deco mesh, floral wire, scissors, and assorted fall finds to adorn the wreath.

I used 3 burlaps- a roll of plain burlap, a roll of gold flecked burlap, & some brown burlap for the bow. I used a small roll of brown & gold deco mesh. All supplies not on hand were purchased at Walmart & Michaels.

You’ll need a little bit of hot glue too.  I picked colored burlap elements to keep the texture rolling.

PicMonkey Collage

First you should weave a strip of floral wire through each roll of material & then twist it securely to the frame.

I used this tutorial, which I highly recommend.

I used a different roll for each ring and wrapped one ring at a time rather than all 3 at once. I found this to be easier for me because I used multiples materials. If you’re using only one burlap, it shouldn’t matter.

You’ll have to play around with it pulling & twisting to get it all looking right. I seriously think they need to make some form of hairspray for these wreaths though!

It’s all about the pull, loop, twist, repeat.


This is my wreath after I looped through the whole inner ring & the whole outer ring. I saved the middle ring for last because that’s where I wanted the deco mesh.

Plain burlap went on the outside & the gold woven burlap on the inside.


Now, my favorite part of the entire wreath…my golden acorns! I grabbed a handful of acorns at Hobby Lobby & spray painted them with a metallic gold. They already had twine loops attached so they are ideal for hanging.

I spray painted a few other things too, some pumpkins & pinecones. You’ll have to come back later this afternoon to see what I did with those!


After they dried I tied them onto strands of twine.


I’m all over this gold trend y’all!


Here’s the finished base of my wreath, now it just needs some pizzaz (aka gold acorns).


Time to whip out that hot glue gun!


I made a simple, big bow with floral wire & brown burlap. Then I tied my acorns around the middle of the bow so they’d hang down the middle of my wreath.

I attached the bow to the wreath using the floral wire & some hot glue for security.


Then I hot glued on a little flower to cover the middle of my bow & added some colorful leaves, an acorn, & a flower.



I think that’s a wrap!


I love it! Hope to have inspired you fellow wreath makers. Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy fall folks!

Blessings y’all,


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