Mini Fall Wreath


Today I’m sharing this adorable mini wreath perfect for fall. It makes for a fun, after-dinner project. It’s my back-door wreath, cause every door is deserving of a wreath right? & Because I can’t stop decorating. 😉

I got all the supplies for super cheap too!

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

That fox ribbon is too darn cute to pass up. I tell ya people.

These fall ribbons were a dollar each at Walmart, they have plenty of other options too. Just be warned, they are not silk ribbons. They’re paper; but serve their purpose with pride nonetheless.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

I started with this wreath, which is adorable on it’s own. I just can’t leave anything as is around here. Only three bucks in the dollar spot at Target.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

I attached an extra flower to the original bunch with some hot glue. I got the flower at Michaels. It matches my front-door wreath.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

I wanted my wreath to have a tail. So I hot glued a long piece of brown burlap around what I wanted to be the bottom of the wreath.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

You have to cut it all pretty too!

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

Next I cute my ribbons all a few inches longer than the brown burlap.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

Attach them on the backside with hot glue, spacing evenly apart. Continue until you’ve attached them all.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

Then add hot glue where needed to hold them down on the front & trim the ends to match the burlap.

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

Ta-da! Already done!

Mini Fall Wreath #fall #wreath #crafting

Ready to hang wherever you’ d like. I used one of those suction hooks for the bathroom to hang it up on the window part of the back-door. Works perfectly.

Fire up your hot glue guns ladies!

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Blessings y’all,


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