DIY Jack-O-Latern Candy Container

As I was doing laundry the other day inspiration struck. It struck me hard. I saw this…

Jack-O-Latern Candy Container #DIY #Halloween

But I imagined this…

Jack-O-Latern Candy Container #DIY #Halloween

An o-so-frightening candy bucket! It’s the shape of a pumpkin & it’s bright orange. How did I not see this before!

It took me about 2 minutes to cut & stick on the black vinyl using my Silhouette. Here’s the cut file by the way!

Even if you don’t have a cutting machine, you can use black construction paper & glue.

The hard part, as you can imagine, was getting the labels off. I let it soak in hot water, vinegar, & baking soda for a while. A long while, like overnight. Then I came in with a scrub brush/scraper & got most all of it off.

Jack-O-Latern Candy Container #DIY #Halloween

I made a little signage for the top too! That’s included in the cut file. Don’t forget to fill it up with candy!

I love that theres a lid & the kids can stick their hands down in the container to grab a treat.

May inspiration strike you when you’re doing laundry friends!

Blessings y’all,


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