Fall Burlap & Feather Canvas Art

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If you keep up with me on Instagram, you might have caught the slim beginnings of the 2 gallery walls in our long entry way. I’ve been adding to them here & there with the right pieces. I have a small burlap canvas in both clusters and wasn’t sure what to do with them until I came up with this.

You’ll love this project! It’s simple, easy, quick, & pretty darn foolproof. Such a good way to ease into the fall décor if you’re not the go-all-out type.  What could be better?

Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

Simple, natural, & oh-so-fall.

Feathers against burlap.

Woodsy perfection.

Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

All you need are 3 things- the canvas (I got mine in a 2 pack at Walmart for a few bucks)

string (I used gold bakers twine for that glam)

& feathers, of course (Hobby Lobbied for those)

Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

First, we’re gonna have to cut some string. Cut it plenty long (about three times as long as the canvas, but feel free to eyeball it) & you can trim it in the end, if need be.

The smaller set of feathers had little loops on the ends, perfect for stringing.

Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

The longer ones did not. So I tied a knot & wrapped the string around the feathers several times on both sides of the knot. I also had to trim the ends of the longer ones to fit right on the canvas. But really, it shouldn’t take much fuss.

Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

Once all the feathers are on the string, tie the ends of the string around the back of the canvas & trim if desired. You may secure it with a few pieces of tape on the sides, if you like. Because the canvas is burlap, if your knot is tight enough it shouldn’t shift around at all. Never hurts to be safe though!

\Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

Make sure your feathers are properly dispersed on the front side.

Feather & Burlap Canvas #fall #diy

Then display for everyone to admire your hard work!

I really like this because I’ll be able to change the canvas art with the seasons. Now what should I do for Christmas?!

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