Fall Harvest Hutch

I’m just finishing up my fall decorating & wanted to share a big kitchen addition. We fixed up this hutch/shelf thing a couple of years ago & it hadn’t found a spot in the new house yet. Originally I wanted to put it in the dining room, but the ceilings are way too tall it looks funny. Plus the rest of the dining room is still totally empty. So I moved into the kitchen a few days ago & I really like it there, especially covered in fall goodness.

Anyway, thought I’d share some photos of it completed!

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

Here’s the whole picture. I don’t know what my favorite part is. I really love the entire thing. Although, I’ve already added more since taking the photos! You may see the latest & greatest version on Instagram.

Now for some close-ups.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

I love the funny looking pumpkins & gourds best, the ones that aren’t plain orange. Michael thinks they’re ugly & strange. He just doesn’t get it.

The candlesticks are from the thrift store. I’ve been completely obsessed with bronze pieces lately & buying them all up! The little beaded bowl was on sale at Target.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

I love love love this floral tray I scored years ago at the thrift store. I’ve been waiting to have a house to decorate for Thanksgiving ever since I bought this; the colors are gorgeous for fall. I actually found it’s baby brother at the antique store the other day. Sadly, I left him there.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

My great-grandmother (who’s still alive btw) did this wood burning. I like how natural & masculine it is. That’s why I had to add a jar of buttons next to him. He definitely needed some warmth to balance him out.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

I have another pair of antlers on my mantle so I carried the look over to the kitchen. That tray came from Walmart long ago & I picked up the pretty, white pear at Target. I waited & waited & waited patiently for those to go on sale. The candles are thrift & antique store scores.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

You guys already saw this cornucopia on my Fall Home Tour, but I moved it on over.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

I resisted this plate so many times before giving in. I’m totally loving all the Better Homes & Gardens stuff at Walmart though y’all. I mean, isn’t that fox adorable. I’m a big fan of the whole woodland creature thing that’s happening this season.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

My friend Shelby gave us that candle as a house-warming gift & the black thing is actually an old, metal, fence post topper. Michael saved a bunch of them for me from his parents shop a couple years ago. He thought I’d do something crafty with them. Too sweet sometimes! He knows I just love junk, especially when it’s a little rusted. 😉 Some tall feathers in an old blue mason jar complete my little cluster. Sidenote- I got that jar for a quarter because it’s a little cracked, love good deals.

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

I adore old cookbooks & am trying to start a collection of the Southern Living ones. Wouldn’t it be fun to try to recreate one of the old recipes on here every month? New post ideas!!

Fall Harvest Hutch | http://southernlysplendid.com | #fall #homedecor #Thanksgiving

Pretty baby pumpkins in the glass dome. Oh sweet fall, you make me swoon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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Blessings Y’all,


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