Gravy Warmer

Good gravy y’all! I’ve got a Thanksgiving game changer over here.

It all started a month or so ago as I was browsing a Williams Sonoma catalog. My heart was so caught up in a swooning spirit of kitchen heaven when I spotted what they called a gravy warmer. It was genius, it was pure perfection, it was $60+. Here, go take a look at it! It also looked real similar to a  scentsy or other wax warmer/melter thing. I’d seen these before, you put a little tea light in the bottom & melt the good-smellin’ stuff up top. It does wonders & my mother adores them.

But as far as gravy goes? This was an entirely different field. I thought about how I could possibly figure something similar out myself for a few days; then it left my mind altogether.

That is, until I took an unexpected trip to the Dollar Tree last week, where I spotted these items…

Gravy Warmer | | #Thanksgiving #gravy #tips

An “iron oil warmer” & a pack of 16 tea lights.

Gravy Warmer | | #Thanksgiving #gravy #tips

But I saw a gravy warmer in the works.

Gravy Warmer | | #Thanksgiving #gravy #tips

There’s just one catch. You need to find a pitcher that fits snugly in the warmer. Otherwise major accidents could happen come Thanksgiving Day & nobody wants all that silky, warm gravy to end up anywhere other than on top of their Turkey ( & maybe your potatoes & stuffing & green bean casserole too).

Gravy Warmer | | #Thanksgiving #gravy #tips

I had a cute one in my cabinet that fit in the warmer perfectly. Hopefully you do too!

Gravy Warmer | | #Thanksgiving #gravy #tips

This is totally not gravy either by the way. I didn’t have any gravy around while taking these photos, but I was too darn excited about it to wait. So I did what anyone would do. I took some of the brownish-tomatoey-soupy stuff out of my crock pot dinner & made like it was gravy. Whatever works, right!

Gravy Warmer | | #Thanksgiving #gravy #tips

You also get a sneak peak at out farmhouse table! It’s almost completely done as of yesterday. It just needs to be brought inside & attached to the base. Be on the lookout for a full post featuring our Thanksgiving table next week! I have high hopes I can get the chairs done this week as well. Any volunteers??!

Well, here’s to hot gravy for your fall feast!

Blessings y’all,


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