Baby Feather Headdress

In case you haven’t seen her on my instagram, I have the cutest niece in the world. That’s a fact.

I have loved making her tutu’s & gigantic, girly bows over the last year & a half. But, I wanted to do something a little different for her Thanksgiving getup.

Something with feathers, yet still girly glam.

DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

So the baby headdress band was born. I love the look! I so wish it would be socially acceptable for me to wear one too. Lol. I might make myself a little clip or barrette with a few feathers, we’ll see. 😉

 DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

For this project you’ll need feathers, a stretchy headband, felt, & rhinestones or sequins for some sparkle. Plus a trusty hot glue gun & a pair of scissors.

DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

First, cut a piece of felt in the general shape/size you plan to make the headdress piece. Don’t worry if it’s too large, you can always trim it after the fact.

DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

Then start arranging & hot0gluing the feathers. I laid mine out beforehand so I could get an idea of what I wanted, then glued them in place.

DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

Do your bottom layer & pile it on till your happy with the overall look.

DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

You can add rhinestones or sequins wherever you want with dabs of hot glue. I love the colors on the big feathers.

DIY Baby Indian Headdress | | #craft #diy #Thanksgiving #baby #feathers

I’ll share a photo or two of her wearing it on Thanksgiving!

I’m also trying out a new blogging tool! It’s pretty neat actually. If you want to make this project, you can order all the supplies online right here, through Hang a Tag. Just click on the tags in the photo below or click the product icons underneath. Simple & easy isn’t it!

View blog post for supplies

Let me know what you think of it!

Blessings Ya’ll,


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