DIY Pottery Barn Feather Ornaments

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Either get excited or look away! Because I’m sharing my first Christmas project today! I know some of you can’t bear to hear about Christmas until after Thanksgiving & that’s totally okay. I feel that way sometimes too. But in the blogworld, I’m a couple of weeks behind on the Christmas crafting/recipes/decor. So I’m jumping on board. I love everything christmas anyway. I’ll probs be breaking out the music soon too. While I can’t officially start decorating the house till after Thanksgiving, I’ve started on some projects so they’re ready to go on Black Friday!

First up are these chic, natural feather ornaments. Inspiration came straight from the Pottery Barn catalog…

Pottery Barn Ornament

The price tag- $10.50 for one feather-in-an-icicle ornament. If you feel like spending that kinda cash, go straight there.

Otherwise, keep scrolling.

PB Knock-Off Feather Icicle Ornaments | | #christmas #crafts #DIY #holiday

Here’s my version, I made 4 of these ornaments for less than the price of one at Pottery Barn!

This is a simple DIY, you probably don’t even need my instruction whatsoever…but in case you just want to look at my photos, carry on!

PB Knock-Off Feather Icicle Ornaments | | #christmas #crafts #DIY #holiday

I had white feathers on hand, but you can get a pack for just $2! The ornaments are from Hobby Lobby & were 40% off. Win-win y’all.

I’m pretty sure they’ll be on sale for the next month too, so go now!

PB Knock-Off Feather Icicle Ornaments | | #christmas #crafts #DIY #holiday

Open the ornament, drop in a few feathers & wa-la. Magical feather-in-an-icicle ornament in your fingertips.

You may need to use a pencil to help push the feathers down into the ornament.

PB Knock-Off Feather Icicle Ornaments | | #christmas #crafts #DIY #holiday

Screw the lid back on & it’s tree-trimmin’ time.

PB Knock-Off Feather Icicle Ornaments | | #christmas #crafts #DIY #holiday

Some twine would be perfect to tie around the tops of these too. Should have thought of that before!

Anyway, happy holiday crafting people!

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