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Good Morning y’all! Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday! I’m sure most of you, like me, aren’t going to be doing much relaxing today, but preparing for the holiday week ahead. Therefore, good luck & may you find some peace!

Feel free to read Genesis 6:9-8:22 to get started.

Today I’m going to share a silly story…Back in October one of the neighbors across the street started putting up what looked like Christmas lights. I just could not believe it. So I went out to see if it was really true. It was. He was putting up Christmas lights in October. I mean really? Can you believe it? I thought to myself how crazy he must be. Doesn’t he know Christmas is still over 2 months away? I told Michael all about what I saw & I even went to Facebook to make fun of the fact that people were already hanging up their lights. I found it a bit obnoxious, over-anxious, etc. Luckily he still hasn’t turned them on at night. So I can’t really be mad at him for skipping Halloween & Thanksgiving & jumping straight into Christmas.

As I’ve driven by the house everyday I’ve thought more & more about it. Then, one morning I was reminded of Noah. We all know what happened to Noah, he built the ark, he brought on the animals 2 by 2, then it rained for 40 days & 40 nights & he & his family were safe. Everyone else died in the flood.

But guess what? When Noah was building the ark, surely his friends all came to laugh at him in his front yard & make fun of him. I mean, how could they not? They probably thought he was absolutely insane. He was building a huge boat to survive when it flooded. It’d never even rained on the earth before. If I saw someone building a giant ship saying water was going to fall from the sky & I’d never even seen a drop of rain before, I’d have a very hard time believing him.

God spoke to Noah about the floods & his friends didn’t believe him. Noah began preparing for the season ahead anyway.

I made fun of my neighbor because he was preparing for the season ahead. I’m basically no better than all those people who drowned in the flood. Okay, maybe getting a little carried away there, but you know where I’m going.

The more I talked about this neighbor with Michael, we realized he was the smart one, getting stuff done ahead of time. He put his lights up while it was still warm outside & before the craziness of the holidays hit. For all we kew, he could be out of town for the next month or so & wanted things to be ready when he returned. When his wife wants the Christmas lights up, they’ll be totally ready to go, because he was preparing for the season ahead, despite what others (like me) may think.  When the time comes, all he has to do is flip the switch. When the rain started falling, all Noah had to do was jump on in the ark.

So I hope you’re keeping up with my train of thought here, & my point of preparing for the season ahead. I hope I haven’t lost you all in that.

I want to talk about preparing in another way now. The season ahead is Christmas, the ultimate celebration for Christians, the birth of our Savior. The days leading up to that are called Advent. Not exactly the advent calendar with the candy that pops out everyday as you count down. This is an advent that focuses our hearts & minds on the season ahead & the coming of the King to the earth, so many years ago.

I’be sharing more on the Advent of Christ over the next few weeks up to Christmas. Just wanted to get you ready!

Blessings Y’all,