Southern Grace- History of the Nativity

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Happy Sunday folks! I’ve been focusing on the advent the past couple weeks & wanted to continue on with some history of the nativity.

We use the nativity to preserve the true meaning of Christmas & remind us of the lowly scene of Christ’s birth.

Here’s an interesting article which covers most of the main points on the Smithsonian site.

This one’s also good with a bit more information on the Festive Nativities site.

St. Francis of Assisi was the first to put together a nativity scene, in 1223,  in hopes of spreading the true meaning of Christmas. His version was live with animals & people in a cave in Italy, somewhat similar to the ones we see during plays and Christmas services at churches today.

Shortly thereafter in the 1300’s, nativity sets like many of us have in our homes began appearing in churches across Italy & were displayed year round. By the 1500’s wealthy families set up smaller versions in their homes. The tradition spread quickly amongst Christians all over the world. Most especially to Germany where baby Jesus doesn’t join the other characters until Christmas Eve night.

How do you use your home to remind yourself & others of the true meaning of Christmas?

Blessings Y’all,