Christmasing the Couches!

I’m sure you all had some couches like these back in the day, when you first started out. Hand me downs that are older than you from some sweet family member or other. Thankful to have something to sit on, but praying for the day you can afford something a bit newer. My parents had some when I was little, they were orange & white striped velvety couches with a matching ottoman! God bless my mother for trying to decorate a house with those in them. So here I am trying to do the same thing. Luckily ours are black & leather, both pretty neutral & not in too bad of shape. No visible tears or holes, perfect for sitting on to eat dinner. Although not good for cuddling they’re quite slippery & small.

I’ve added a few throw pillows & blankets over the past few months in hopes of disguising them.

Christmasing the Couches! | | #Christmas #plaid

I think it’s made some difference for sure. Makes ’em feel a bit more inviting & a little less cold-sleek.

That being said, Christmas called for something more. These couches needed cheery, bright, love & attention. Also, some clever disguising…

So after hunting & gathering some cheap pillows & soft blankets, we have a lovely Christmas living room!

Christmasing the Couches! | | #Christmas #plaid

Come sit & have some hot chocolate y’all!

Christmasing the Couches! | | #Christmas #plaid

I added a pretty cardinal pillow from Target (only $15 here!). <<no affiliates, just sharing!

Christmasing the Couches! | | #Christmas #plaid

I’m so totally in love with all the faux fur this season. I’m totally not in love with the prices of it all! So after so late-night searching, I found them for less than $7 online at Walmart! So I went ahead & bought 2. I was really worried they’d be mini pillows or something for that amazing price. But they came in just like this! Full size pillows! You can find theme here! <<no affiliate either, you’ll just want to get in on this.

The white throw is from Target on Black Friday for $10. Brighten it all up a little & matches the rug.

Christmasing the Couches! | | #Christmas #plaid

I think this side must be my favorite though. I’m mad for plaid right now. This blankets also from Target, a bit pricier, but there’s been lots of cartwheel coupons!

Now yo’ve seen my Christmased couches.

What do you think? Do you change out your throw pillows/blankets for the holidays?

Honestly, I can’t wait to pick up some at the after-Christmas sales!

Blessings Y’all,


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