Southern Grace- Gifting God

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas & for anyone with an advent wreath, that means the last candle is lit today. Maybe next year I’ll get an advent wreath with special candles & light them all in order!

Southern Grace Image

I’m a big gift giver. I loooooove picking out special presents for everyone & I love wrapping them up & I love giving them to people & watching them open them. Most of the time I’m much more excited about them they are, but that’s okay. Because sometimes giving is about the giver, not the receiver. I’d like to think it’s about both of us & I like to bless my family & friends with thoughtful, sweet gifts. We all know Christmas is about giving, of course. We give in symbolism of God giving Christ to the world & mirroring the gift-giving of the Magi to baby (or toddler by the time they got to him) Jesus.

The ultimate gift given to us on Christmas is the Christ-child & we as mere humans can never out give God. Sometimes I get too many gifts & spend way too much money because I love people way too much. Sometimes, they can’t out give me or even give equally to me.

My niece isn’t even 2 years old & she’s probably going to get more gifts than anyone else will this Christmas. She won’t be giving out gifts to anyone because, well, she’s a baby! Yet, we are all showering her in presents. We don’t expect any material things to be given back to us; all we expect is her happiness, her kisses, her love, her little natural ways of giving gratitude.

She’s kind of scared of my fiancĂ© at this point. Maybe because he’s so tall or because they don’t see each other often enough, who knows. As soon as she sees him she starts balling. She is warming up to him, slowly but surely. He decided he wanted to speed the process along a little by hand-picking a super special gift for her. She is absolutely obsessed with Frozen, as is every other girl on the planet, & Princess Anna is her favorite. So we went to the Disney store & he found a special Anna baby doll for her. He plans to hand it to her himself in hopes of her liking him more. We’ll see how this goes!

God knows we can never out give or even give equally to his precious gift of salvation for all men (aka everyone ever). He wants us to “repay” him in our natural gratuitous ways, just like my niece does. All He wants is our hearts, our love, our time, our sweet kisses & thank-yous. Let us be sure to gift God with those things He so desires from us this Christmas. Do whatever you can to bring Him joy this season & let that be your strength. His wish list is much more important to check off!

That same giving, loving spirit of God can work through us this season as we bless each other with our time & our gifts. He is the giver of all good things. Make God’s love the motive of your giving & serving these next few days.

Blessings Y’all,