Southern Grace- One Word

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Good Sunday Morning dear friends!

Can I just let you know, I’m so excited for the next year! I’m full of great ideas & fun posts to share. I’m working on all my planning & plotting this morning & all the goodness is overwhelming. I really hope I’m able to do all that I want to do.

That being said, I’ve been compelled to pick a word for 2015. Well, actually I couldn’t decide, so I picked 2…they pretty much go hand in hand so it’s alright. 😉

Do any of y’all listen to air 1? I love it! I especially like listening to the hosts & a few days ago, they were talking about the “one word” trend for new years resolutions & how it was going viral. So I decided to see what I could find on the movement & found an entire website. Go check it out right here.

There’s some videos & a blog & even a book you can order if you get really into it. Anyhow, I’m all for the idea & the thought process behind it! Rather than writing a list of resolutions that probably aren’t realistic, sum up your major goals in one word & write it everywhere. Put it anywhere you’ll see it everyday- on your mirror, on the fridge, on your phone, in your car, etc. Think about that word & how you can constantly apply it to your life until it becomes a subconscious effort. There’s a list of word ideas on the site. But you can pray about it & come up with your own, of course.

My words are efficient & intentional. I want to live more intentionally which will require more efficiency in accomplishing little things so that I can spend my time more intentionally. Does that make sense to you? Oh well, it does to me.

Happy New Year y’all & many blessings!