Love Letter Vignette

Good morning lovelies! There’s a promise of a new week ahead. Doesn’t that make Monday sound a bit nice? Maybe not, lol.

Anyhow, I hosted a Valentine’s Cookie Decorating Brunch with some gals on Saturday morning & we had so much fun! I’ll be sharing the whole getup later this week. But today I wanted to share my love letter vignette. I set up a sweet love letter writing station for everyone to craft their own valentines in between cookie decorating. It was a hit!

Love Letter Writing Station | | #ValentinesDay #vignette

The star of the show was surely the gold typewriter.

Love Letter Writing Station | | #ValentinesDay #vignette

I’ve been itching to do this ever since I bought this thing. I finally got the guts! I spent extra time carefully taping it all up & praying it would still work post-paint. It works still & its gold all over. All is well! I think it’ll make a great piece on a sign in table for our wedding too! More on that soon…hint hint.

Love Letter Writing Station | | #ValentinesDay #vignette

I used a letter sorter to stash some blank cards/envelopes & simple stationary I whipped up. A pretty bowl of washi tape, some colorful twine, & sharpie pens were necessities as well.

Love Letter Writing Station | | #ValentinesDay #vignette

Here’s some close ups of the golden typewriter & the printable I made (which is available below).

Love Letter Writing Station | | #ValentinesDay #vignette

Of course I added some candy. My mother says I hide candy in every corner of the house…she’s completely right. I’ve got to stop y’all! Help please!

Love Letter Writing Station | | #ValentinesDay #vignette

Just grab the printable by right clicking/saving image from below & scale to your desired size so you can set up your own love letter station! It’ll be a hit at any Valentine’s Day event or just as a fun activity for your kids.

love letter

May your Monday be wonderful & may you leave inspired to write love letters &/or spray paint type writers!

Blessings Y’all!


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