DIY Gold Foil [Save the Dates]

So sorry I missed you all Friday! I miss blogging everyday so much! But I’ve been busy wedding-ing & working. Good news- I got my dress yesterday! I love it & it’s not anything I’d thought I’d wanted originally. Now I can’t wait for it to come in!

Today I’m going to share our weekend project- our gold foil save the dates. As I shared before, our main colors are navy & gold. I’ve been looking at all sorts of options as far as stationary goes & if I was to order every piece exactly the way I wanted them, it would cost wayyyyy too much. Likely story I believe. The main reason I was looking into ordering & not diying was gold foil. I fell in love with the gold foiled invitations. Probably because I’m completely in love with anything gold at the moment & I know gold foil will take my stationary over the top. One night, I finally realized I could probably do it myself. There had to be a way. So I googled & researched & found out I could indeed do them myself! It seemed pretty easy too. All I needed was a cheap laminator & some gold foil.

First, I bought this laminator, then I bought it’s “more advanced” big brother. I found the first one at Target & the second one at Walmart. When I went out the second time I was looking for one that was a different brand, but literally could  not find one anywhere & I didn’t have time to wait a couple weeks for one to come in. So I settled. I ordered the gold foil from My Binding & am very pleased with the foil. Just make sure you order foil that is heat reactive, that’s how it sticks to the print. I also ordered pre cut paper & envelopes from Cards & Pockets. They are perfect for us DIY brides!

DIY Gold Foil Save the Dates | #diywedding #gold

DIY Gold Foil Save the Dates | #diywedding #gold

Now that I had all my supplies together it was time to print! In the end, I’m happier I got to do the invites myself because then I get a custom design. I used PicMonkey to design the fronts of the cards & then had pictures, which I also edited on PicMonkey, printed at Walgreens for next to nothing. Now, here’s the trick- You must print onto the card stock with toner. No normal ink will work for this project, it MUST be toner! So if you don’t own a toner printer, find a friend or head to the nearest printing place. Luckily, my mom has one, so I printed mine on hers.

DIY Gold Foil Save the Dates | #diywedding #gold

DIY Gold Foil Save the Dates | #diywedding #gold

1. Gather all your supplies- gold foil, laminator, & card stock.

2. Print desired image using black toner onto card stock.

3. Cut gold foil into sheets that fit over desire area.

4. Run card stock with gold foil sheet on top through laminator, until desired effect is achieved. Make sure the shiny side is facing up. This may take multiple runs depending on the laminator, we had to do it at least 3 times through.

5. Peel gold foil back to reveal gold image.

DIY Gold Foil Save the Dates | #diywedding #gold

I plan on using this method for tons of wedding stationary & details. It’s so simple! Just a little time consuming, but nothing a good movie can’t fix.

If you have questions, please ask away! 

Happy gold foiling friends,


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