Breaking the Silence!

Hello people of the internet world! Did you know I was still here?

Well, I am sort of & I’m making my grand re-entrance. I debated about what to post about to first & where I should start with all the wedding posts (that you know are coming up in full force). Then I decided that may be too much to just start dumping out of nowhere. Hence this “breaking the silence” post.

Some life updates-

1. I am now working full time in a pediatrician’s office & it’s pretty great minus the screaming babies getting their shots.

2. I finished school & now hold a bachelor’s of science in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on Bible & history & a minor in psychology. No clue what I’d like to do with it!

3. I got a new last name!–> Mealey

4. The whole wedding went off without a hitch. It was absolutely amazing & I could go on about every tiny detail for hours. But I’ll spare you for now & make 100 posts about it in the future instead! That way you can skip around the boring stuff.

5. I’m settling into married life & loving it! Lots of things are different though. Like I get up at 6 am to make him breakfast before he leaves for work every morning when I could really sleep in till 7…best wife ever. No one warned me about sharing a bathroom with a boy though. Thanks for the heads up guys. Also, we’re trying reallllllly hard not to put on newlywed weight. Tips are appreciated.

6. I’ve noticed it’s definitely for a little blog facelift. So be on the lookout for some fun, new design changes in the future!

Otherwise things are carrying on as usual. I’m finally caught up enough with wedding unpacking & getting things organized into the house enough to get back to some blogging! This is so where my heart really is. My mind is always full of new project/recipe ideas. Mostly, I cannot wait to start sharing all of the wonderful wedding planning wisdom I’ve gained!

I plan to start with my bridal shower & move along the line of events in chronological order with a few breaks in between for non-wedding related posts. To keep the flame alive!

PS- Here’s a few teasers to get you excited!



Thanks for sticking around friends!


Mrs. Cathryne Mealey