Bachelorette Party Fun!

I know this isn’t a typical blog post, but on the wedding journey it’s an important memory for me to document. Plus my girls put together some fab decor & our hotel was incredibly fancy!


Yes I spelled bachelorette wrong up there…ignore it & move on! Everything was black, pink, & covered in gold glitter! We stayed at Hotel Indigo down by the Houston Galleria. It was amazing! If you ever get a chance to stay near the galleria, I highly recommend it. Our fire alarm started going off & they sent someone to fix it immediately. Good service y’all.


Thanks to these lovely gals for putting it all together!


We all got ready in our fancy grown up lady hotel room (which I now wish I had way more photos of) & took some selfies. I was bestowed a flower crown with a veil attached to wear for the night. I’m not gonna lie I kinda loved it. I kept it & am saving for a rainy day when I need to feel like a princess.


We were super impressed with the monstrousness of the elevator…plus that color! How could we not.


This was probably my favorite little spot. I could stare at all the gold glitter forever.


First we went to Pinot’s Palette where we painted & drank good wine. There were crackers & cheese too. But mostly…


these cupcakes!



We painted anchors & everyone’s turned out a little differently.


All in all it was a fun experience & they had horrible lighting for photos!


Then we all went to Benihana’s where they took even better photos. But at least we have some of all my bridesmaids together!


We went back to our hotel after & it started flooding so we enjoyed ourselves in our hotel for the rest of the night!


I so wish I had more decor photos! The love balloons were a great photo backdrop. Plus there were black balloons with gold writing all over the hotel & pretty tassels hanging up.


I made these as a thank you for all the girls. They were perfect for the occasion! I found them at the dollar store, of all places & used some leftover vinyl for monograms. One of my bridesmaids got us all matching monogrammed bracelets too. We we’re monogrammed out y’all.


Later in the night I got open presents & we played some silly games. Each girl brought a pair of panties & they all got strung up in a line. So I had to guess who picked out each pair. We played some bachelorette themed mad libs that kept us laughing all night long. As I opened each gift up everyone put promiscuous names to my lingerie outfits. That way my future husband could pick out what outfit he was getting each night of our honeymoon!

We all had a grand time together celebrating & enjoying the night!

Blessings Y’all!


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