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Today I’m sharing a fun overview of our honeymoon! Instagram style! Which if you follow me, you’ve probably seen almost all of these photos under the hashtag #mealeymoon. Cause I’m cool like that. There are lots of photos here to scour over I know! But if you can make it through there’s a bounty of good tips tucked in between & feel free to ask ay questions please!


I do have to admit, on our way to the hotel room on our wedding night we stopped at the first Sonic we saw in typical Mealey style.

Then we did something really silly. We finally got to sleep for about an hour or two & then decided to leave our hotel in Waco, Texas at 3 am to drive straight through to Disneyworld. On our honeymoon none-the-less! WORST IDEA EVER. Our first day of marriage was off to a grand start.

Driving will be fun we thought. Our first road trip as a married couple. We’ll save so much money.

Don’t do it! It’s your honeymoon! Splurge! Fly! Stay in a hotel an extra night! Just don’t drive straight through on little to no sleep!

We spent the next 16 hours doing everything we could to stay awake. In the final stretch we had to switch drivers every hour & were in desperate need of sleep. This was my first time driving Michael’s gigantic man truck on real roads. So even when he was supposed to be “sleeping” while I drove, he was really just fearing for his life. I thought we were not going to make it to Disneyworld. We arrived between 10 & 11 pm in a state of distress. As luck should have it we had to wait forever to get checked in & no one was available to take our bags.


It was so hard to catch up on sleep after all the excitement & emotions of the week before the wedding. Plus the fact that we were sleeping somewhere new with someone new in our beds. Sleeping with a boy isn’t easy friends!

Once we finally awoke we grabbed some classic Mickey Mouse pancakes & headed for Magic Kingdom.


We rode the new mine ride with the seven dwarfs first thing. It was pretty neat. I can totally appreciate all the jewels & gemstones. The different games to play while you wait were pretty awesome too. I’m always in awe of the detail Disney puts into everything. You could hunt for speckles of precious stones all down the pavement & up the walls throughout the line.


Your typical castle picture is always a must.  Also, we looked for a selfie stick the entire time we were here & did not find any! Disneyworld actually has signs up at all the rides showing that selfie sticks are not allowed. I guess they are a danger on the rides. If we’d found one, we’s actually have more than one good photo of ourselves. Which is kind of sad. But alas it was not meant to be.

We ran & grabbed ourselves bride & groom hats first thing! Anytime we wore these we got heaps of advice & a few free treats along the way.


Our first dinner was at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Good food & endless servings for Disney prices, of course. So get there hungry. You can always sit in their kid section & color while you wait. Every adult is reliving their childhood so no one will judge you. IMG_2836

The turkey is really where it’s at here. A bite of the turkey with some potatoes, gravy & stuffing = perfect bite of Thanksgiving any time of the year.


While your in Orlando, you may as well visit the Bass Pro. It’s in a huge mall & they sell delicious corn dogs right outside. He was tired of me taking pictures already. IMG_2841

Now the one place you must absolutely no matter what go to in Orlando area is Hash House A Go Go. It’s an amazing farm to table restaurant that is also super cheap & gives you humongous portions. So you’ll have plenty to take to your hotel room & munch on later.  IMG_2842

He got the chicken & waffles & I got the chicken pot pie. Both delicious. If I went by myself I would order both because they are that good. You can’t choose. So bring a buddy & share! Also, the wings make a fabulous appetizer. They have an awesome Asian flavor that will have you licking your fingers.


I had to take a photo with anything Frozen…this was in Downtown Disney. That’s where the good shoppin’ & eatin’ & entertainin’ is. It’s totally free to get in- you don’t need any tickets. But you will probably spend loads of money there anyways. IMG_2849

Michael’s favorite thing to do in Downtown Disney is go to the lego store. Where everything is made of legos. How cool is their credit card machine setup?

Mu favorite thing to do is to watch the ladies dip the caramel apples & decorate them in the sweet shop. If I ever worked at Disney that’s where I’d want to be- dipping things in chocolate all day. IMG_2852We were headed to the waterpark here. Disney has 2- Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon. Both are equally exciting in my opinion. Just be sure to get the park hopper & water park add on pass so you can go whenever you want. Definitely worth it if you go in the summer months. It’s the perfect place to relax when it gets too hot in the afternoon. The lazy river is where we spent most of our time


Just a little shot of the official entrance. IMG_2856

We went on this ride by default but it was actually pretty cool & air conditioned & there was no wait. I really enjoyed it. We originally tried to go to the Toy Story mania ride & the line was over an hour before they’d even started to let people on. So we gave up on it. That’s one you’ll need to secure your fast pass for weeks or months ahead of time. For real! We were able to secure fastpasses for all our other favorite rides on the drive up there. So don’t fret if you haven’t done this yet.


Beauty & the Beast was a great live show to see. It was just incredibly hot under the theater! Any other time of year I’m sure it wouldn’t have been so bad. IMG_2869

One night we did the Aloha Dinner Show. You have to get to the Polynesian resort for this dinner. So that may take some prior planning as far as actual transportation. Ask your friendly bus drivers for help! The food was pretty good here; however, I can’t say we’d do the show again. It wasn’t quite worth the cost to us. The appetizers were the best part & the pineapple rolls. I actually bought a cookbook solely for that recipe!IMG_2875Just another Anna & Elsa shot in front of Hollywood Studios. IMG_2871

We went on a super fun star wars ride & got to build our own drones after! They have lots of cool options. If you miss it here don’t worry! You can build your own drone in Downtown Disney too. Or better yet, build your own light saber!IMG_2877

A Downtown Disney must is Earl of Sandwich. They have the best hot sandwiches ever! We traveled all the way over here just to grab lunch. You can’t really go wrong with anything here so follow your heart.


Ahh Epcot, definitely our fave park! I’ve noticed that about grown ups. Epcot seems to be everyone’s favorite park. IMG_2880

I mean why wouldn’t it be when they have these Olaf cupcakes! I want a dozen more right now please.


You must go to France for dinner & order all the cheese trays then order roasted chicken. The dish is simple & succulent with roasted potatoes & perfect brown gravy. Nothing could be better!IMG_2888

Animal Kingdom has it’s perks too. Mostly, the yeti ride- Expedition Everest. My favorite ride in all of Disneyworld. Rockin’ Rollercoaster comes in for a close second.

Going on the African safari is a great experience as well as It’s Tough to be a Bug. IMG_2890

They have really good chai tea here too. So grab a cup while you wait!


My sister went to India a few years ago & all her pictures looked almost exact to this. All I could think of was the India section in Disneyworld. They really have those flags everywhere.


Yak & Yeti for some yummy Asian lunch.


Oh look we’re in Epcot again. IMG_2903

One day I want a cuckoo clock! You guys have no idea how expensive these things are. I was shocked! Maybe I’ll make my own…


Visiting the French bakery for some pastries is a must for an afternoon pick me up or something sweet after dinner.


We had to leave much to soon & headed home a little early in order to stop for the night in Pensacola. Which was incredible. IMG_2909

We stayed right on the beach in a beautiful hotel. We could’ve spent a couple more days there. IMG_2912

Flounder’s is the place to eat near the beach & they’re famous for their diesel fuel. It comes in plenty of flavors. I had a perfect steak there for dinner while we watched the boats go by.

We finally made it home & had to enter into real married life. I’m happy to report it’s going well so far.



PS: For more Disney World tips check out this post!

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