7 Themed Christmas Trees!

First off, Happy Friday! It’s time to enjoy the weekend! Yayy!

It’s also time for you to start thinking about this year’s Christmas decor & more specifically, your tree! Do you do a themed tree every year or a mix up of everything you hold dear? At this point I think I’m leaning towards themes.

Either way, I’ve put together some inspirational boards of 7 different themed trees to help get you headed in the right direction!

Themed Christmas Trees!

It’s certainly not news that I love Christmas & I love Target. So it makes perfect sense that I went through all of their decor & curated these affordable ornaments & for you!

You can find everything on the boards at your local Target store or online.

Lovely Light Colors Make a Gorgeous Pastel Christmas Tree!

I feel like this newer pastel trend is going to catch on quick this year. I’m loving all the lighter shades of the traditional Christmas colors. They would look sweet in a baby’s room too! I would add this decor to a snowy tree.

Black & Gold Christmas Tree Ideas!

This board is probably my favorite! I’m a black & gold lover at heart. It’s the theme of my craft room! Maybe I’ll get it all decorated this year! Those sugar paper ornaments are pure perfection. I would use this decor on a traditional green tree.

Merry & Bright Christmas Tree Decor!

Ahh this merry & bright decor brings out the color-loving kid in me! This is the most kid-friendly tree, for sure. The decor would look fabulous on a white tree!

An All Red Themed Christmas Tree is Fun & Cheery

Red is a always a popular choice against a green tree, but I would like to see the red all over a white one! Or even silver, that would be gorgeous.

Traditional Silver & Gold Decorations Make for a Classy Christmas Tree

This is pretty similar to how I did our tree last year & always looks super classy on a real, tall, green tree.

 Frozen Inspired Christmas Tree!

Okay, I’ll admit, this is my real dream tree! Anyone else Frozen obsessed out there? Little girls would just die decorating their own silver or white tree with all things Frozen! Last year I totally created a Frozen village!

Everything You Need for a Furry, Woodland Christmas Tree!

I’m thinking I’ll add a bit more of this rustic, woodland style to my tree this year. I’d love to see all this in a full, green tree with antlers sticking out. These little guys are too darn cute!

Which was your favorite? Have you decided on a theme now?!

Happy Tree Trimming Friends!


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