10 Things I Always Have In My Purse!

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Happy Tuesday friends!

I’m getting a little more personal with y’all today & giving you a peek inside my gigantic purse.

Don’t worry, I cleaned out all the gum wrappers, receipts & expired coupons before hand!

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

I’ve been known for my large & in-charge purses since high school, where it was lovingly referred to as the “Mary Poppins” bag.

I was always ready to take care of whatever problem arose amongst friends. Oh, you have a headache? No problem. Need something to entertain you for the next half hour? (before data became affordable!) I’ve got you covered. Starving & lunch isn’t for 2 more hours? Here, choose from the wide variety of snacks I have hiding out in my purse. Phones about to die? Just plug it in over there, here’s a cord.

Can anyone else relate?

Although I’ve tried several times to downsize, a small purse just doesn’t cut it for me. I feel like I need the things inside of it near me at all times in all places! You just never know what may occur!

So here’s what I always keep stashed in the bottomless bag of mine.

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

First off, the basics/necessities- phone, sunglasses, wallet, keys. Some women are happy carrying only these things around. Which is awesome for you, but I’ll probably come to your rescue with something you need later!

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

This little pineapple pouch is my grab & go come workout time. I keep my headphones in there as well as my ChapStick Total Hydration, it instantly smooths and moisturizes. I have a major addiction/chapped lips problem & cannot be caught without it.

 #Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

I also always have painkillers! These Advil Tablet Vials fit snugly in my purse. They’re the original round tablets providing safe, effective pain relief for over 25 years. A notebook & pen is a major must. It serves multiple purposes- jotting down notes/lists/ideas, drawing out examples/ideas, playing games like tac tac toe or hangman, or catching gum when there’s no trashcan nearby. I also have a husband who sometimes gets a little ancy waiting in lines or when he’s hungry. So I’m sure to stock some snacks & bring along a deck of playing cards. You never know when you’ll get a flat tire on a road trip late at night & be stuck for a couple of hours.

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

I carry these extremely useful items at all times too- Centrum VitaMints, lotion, hand sanitizer & tissues. I basically use these things daily. I love the Centrum VitaMints because I’m a horribly picky vitamin taker. I hate chalky vitamins & as hard as I try I just can’t do the gummy ones. Mint, however, is my favorite flavor. No chalky taste, just cool mint flavor. So these work fabulously for me. Plus, you don’t even need to take them with water or food; they’re perfect for on the go gals.

 #Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

Being the prepared woman that I like to be, I keep a mini makeup bag in my purse as well. It’s chock full of minis & samples for easy touchups. Maybe I’ll empty that out for you another day. You need a good compact to go with it, of course.

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

I’m always looking for a ponytail holder or bobby pin & so is every other girl. I give these out to “borrow” like crazy, so they get replaced very often!

You can find most of these goodies at your local Walmart, like the ChapStick Total Hydration, Centrum VitaMints & Advil Tablet Vials. Here’s where they were located in my store.

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

You can find the Centrum VitaMints on the vitamin aisle.

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

I found the ChapStick Total Hydration on an end cap near the contacts & eye care

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

The Advil Tablet Vials were located at the checkout. You can also find them in the travel section of your store.

You can find even more information on these essentials here!

#Ad My Purse Essentials! | #BeHealthyForEveryPartofLife

I hope you enjoyed me emptying out my purse! What are your go to purse essentials?

Blessings Y’all,


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