Christmas Craft Party!

Last weekend I lived out my dreams, Christmas crafting style! I had a bunch of gals over for a Christmas craft party/brunch. We had ourselves a grand ole time crafting & eating & preparing for the coming holiday season.

We made a total of 5 crafts & a sweet treat to take home. I did have everyone pitch in a little to help cover cost of supplies. You can always have a mini version though & do just 1 or 2 crafts. I kept all the projects super easy & simple to recreate for gifts to others.

Now, onto the 8.5436782 billion photos I took!

I used merry & bright decor & created a true “party” atmosphere with streamers galore.


The backdrop behind our main work area made a huge pop. I started by hanging the lights first in strips using tacks. Next, I hung streamers over the lights using blue painter’s tape. I folded 2 black tablecloths in half longways & pinned it up to create a short curtain. This covered up the top of the lights/streamers & gave it all a uniformed look. Next I used tacks & pretty ribbons to hang tissue decor & mini disco balls.


I used 3 placemats for a mini table runner. I love it & I think I’ll be able to use them on my Christmas dining table.


I even added one of my merry & bright signs!


I used some bright, sparkly decor mixed in with containers of craft supplies we’d be using for the centerpieces.


Plus candy canes & meringues fro extra snacking, of course.


Our first craft was to decorate our own set of ornaments which several people, myself included, ended up turning into garlands instead. They all came out lovely & were super easy to throw together. This would be a great kid’s craft too. I bought the sets of chalkboard wood slices in the Target One Spot/Bullseye’s Playground. I’ve seen them around craft stores as well. Then brought out paints, glitter & junk to top them with with. Some items I also found in the One Spot include wooden deer, chalkboard trees & sticky red bows. The deer & trees were attached to clothespins & I popped them right off for gluing onto the ornaments. At the Dollar Tree I found a huge sheet of sparkly foam pieces- deer, trees, snowmen, snowflakes & bows. These were also the perfect size to add to the ornaments & were already sticky on one side. We used rhinestones, buttons & jingle bells too. You can the full diy in this post!


Each place setting included a plate with a super fancy Little Debbie snack cake. Unwrapping them makes a world of difference & it just isn’t Christmas without Little Debbie. I also found these super fun Santa beards with big lips & could not pass up the wonderful opportunity to get photos of people in these! Which I cannot subject to on my blog…sorry guys! Pretty paper napkins held bright, gold-rimmed glasses. Inside the glasses were a few fun items including a candy cane, paper straw with powdered donut, plastic beads & daffy taffy. Each person also got a blank ornament/ garland set to decorate & a cute bag to take it home in.  I really wanted to make this a fun, laid back experience where people could enjoy crafting & I did just that.


One end of the table held a few hot glue guns in a tray & an abundance of hot glue sticks on another pretty tray.


The other end held another one of our crafts,yarn tassels. We made garlands, pom poms & tassels to add to gift wrapping. Some santas & snowmen even snuck their way in. You can find tutorials for this all over Pinterest, so I won’t bore you with it!


Next up is the food table! I used 3 colorful fleece scarves for the tablecloth. I think it worked really well & the colors went perfectly. I have a huge plaid blanket scarf on our kitchen table & now I think all my scarves will make the best tablecloths & runners…except then I’ll have non to wear!


I put out a good spread of holiday brunch foods including a cinnamon coffee cake, more powdered donuts, pigs in a blanket, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped oreos, cheese cube & tomato tree, donut hole nacho tree, blueberry muffins, apples & caramel, chips & salsa & guacamole, cheese & crackers & candy. Plus tea & cherry limeade for drinking. Phew…food coma.


These little guys disappeared pretty fast. To be honest, these were a last minute “I still have some chocolate left, what else can I cover?” decision & I think it was a very good one. I like using the mini vanilla cookies as opposed to the large chocolate ones. They are much easier to eat & not quite as sweet.


Using varying heights in your food display really makes life easier. Your food looks 10x better & it’s easier for guests to grab things without getting their sleeves into soothing else. PS- The diy peppermint candy cane tray is right here! Unfortunately, I lost the top tier right before the party!


Let me shout out this cherry limeade recipe real quick because it is the REAL DEAL! Tastes identical to Sonic’s & is simpler than syrup. Planning to make it again for Christmas. It’s basically red & green so it totally goes. Serve with a bowl of extra cherries & lime slices for garnishing.

Cherry Limeade
Author: Cathryne Mealey | Slice of Southern Pie
  • 1 liter lemon lime soda
  • 1 can frozen limeade
  • 1 can maraschino cherries
  • 2 limes (sliced)
  1. Add lemon lime soda, frozen limeade & entire can of maraschino cherries, including juice, to serving container. Pour slowly to keep carbonation.
  2. Garnish with lime slices.
  3. Serve with extra cherries & limes.


I ‘tried’ to turn my chocolate covered strawberries into Christmas lights. I think if you’re really interested in doing this though, you need a mold.Pull of the green tops & dip them in chocolate like normal. Cover with colored sugar sprinkles. Then melt a small amount of white chocolate in a plastic baggie in the microwave. Snip off the end & drizzle back & forth over the undipped tip & tada- Christmas lights. Stick in the fridge/freezer to harden.


This little gal was the star of the show & of my heart! Donut hole nacho tree for the win. I covered a styrofoam tree in parchment paper & used toothpicks to insert donut holes. Just keep on going till it’s covered!


For our baking segment we made Rolo pretzel delights. I provided bowls of various pretzels, candies for melting, M&M’s, pecans & sprinkles. Everyone got their own tray & went to town creating their own batch of holiday goodness. It was fun to see how everyone’s came out!


We made peppermint bath bombs for everyone to take home too. I think I’ll be making several more for gifts! Here’s the recipe we used.


I loved the snow globe making bar with a bottle brush tree dying station! This might very well be my favorite craft. I set out a collection of various jars, different sized bottlebrush trees, colored twines & epsom salt.


I filled half the sink with bleach water & filled bowls with Rit dye/water. Guests used tongs to bleach & dye their trees. Then we let them dry a bit before gluing to the lid of the jar.


Scoops of Epsom salt was added & beautiful snow globes were born!


Another easy craft was these plaid cake stands. You can get the full instructions for the platters in this post.


Can’t forget the swag bags! I tied on giant ornaments with a jingle bell & tag.

Thanks for coming by the party y’all! Hope you enjoyed & are planning your own Christmas craft party! Grab some friends, some good food & your hot glue guns!

Happy Christmas Crafting friends!


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