Galentine's Day

Good afternoon lovely readers!

I just finished putting the house back in order after a fun Galentine’s night. I know today is officially Galentine’s Day & all, but I wanted to take the opportunity to share while I had the chance & not wait until next year. So save these ideas for next Galentine’s or pull them out any weekend for a memorable girl’s night.

Galentine's Day Ideas! Make Your Own Pizzas!

We all made yummy homemade pizzas with these amazing crusts from HEB. I set out a couple of sauces & plenty of pizza toppings for everyone to choose from. It was a fun way to get the night started.

Galentine's Day Ideas!

While the pizzas were doing their baking, we filled up baggies with our favorites to take to the movies. I set up the mini candy bar on one side of the table & chocolate fondue on the other side. I hadn’t set out the fondue dippers yet, they came out after we returned from the movie theater. in case you wondered why my platters were empty!

Galentine's Day Ideas! Make Your Own Movie Mix - Mini Candy Bar

Galentine's Day Ideas! Super Sweet Favors!

Because everyone deserves a little somethin-somethin, I filled these adorable Target One Spot buckets with some pink fluff, M&M’s & Little Debbie snack cakes. Plus, super adorable Galentine’s Day cards I whipped up!

Galentine's Day Ideas!

My cute, little soda stand with all the paper straws you’ll ever need.


We indulged in this luscious dessert after dinner, you can get the recipe here!

Galentine's Day Ideas!

After we got home from the movies we got into our comfy clothes, broke out the fondue, & lounged around in here watching girly movies

Galentine's Day Ideas! Adult coloring & flower crown making!

I moved things around so there was plenty of room for pillows & blankets. Then, I brought out some leisurely activities we could do while watching movies- adult coloring, of course & flower crown making.

Galentine's Day Ideas!

Brunch consisted of Valentine’s donuts, donut hole nachos & kolaches. Every princesses dream.

Happy Galentine’s Y’all!


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