DIY Burlap Flags with Felt Letters

I’ve seen a few different versions of flags with felt letters around pinterest/instagram/etsy over the last year or so & I am so in love with the playful idea!

I finally gave it a go & did my own version on burlap. To make this incredibly easy, I used a burlap table runner. They are the perfect width for this & already have finished edges. Win-win! You can find burlap runners for around $8 at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

You will need a burlap runner, felt in multiple colors, a marker, letters to trace, scissors, a wooden dowel, ribbons & hot glue.

DIY burlap pennant flags with felt letters #crafts

Type out your word/phrase on the computer & choose your font. I stuck to something simple & bold. Cut the letters out then trace them- Make sure they are backwards while tracing!!!! Cut the letters out of the felt. DIY burlap pennant flags with felt letters #crafts

Grab your runner & iron it out, if needed. Cut a length of burlap a few inches longer than you’d like it to be when finished. Cut a point on one end. You can use a ruler to trace it out before you cut.

Cut a piece of ribbon or strip of ribbon for hanging it up. Use hot glue to wrap one both ends around a wooden dowel.

Choose the backside of the flag & fold the raw edge over the dowel. Hot glue the raw edge over the dowel & secure. Add a knot to the ribbon/fabric strip if it’s too long.

DIY burlap pennant flags with felt letters #crafts

Now the fun part! Attach the letters & anything else you’re adding with hot glue.

DIY burlap pennant flags with felt letters #crafts

Tie colorful ribbons.trims onto the sides. You can add pom-poms or tassels too!

DIY burlap pennant flags with felt letters #crafts

Love how these turned out! Please excuse the iphone photos…

This is a perfect to do while watching a movie one evening. This also a great craft for older kids. Let them personalize one for their room!

You can make different ones for every season or holiday & display them just about anywhere!

What will you put on yours?

Blessings Y’all!


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