Ice Chest Checkers with Sea Shells

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Summer is in full swing & for most families, that means trips to the beach, the river & whatever other body of water you’re near! We’re heading to float the river for the upcoming holiday weekend & I can’t wait! We don’t go far without a cooler full of cold drinks in the summertime & it’s most definitely coming along with us on our little road trip.

Transform your Ice Chest into a Checker Board! #ShareTheLyrics #Ad

 I thought we’d make things more exciting & give the trusty ice chest a makeover… a checkerboard makeover!

Transform your Ice Chest into a Checker Board! #ShareTheLyrics #Ad

You mean to tell me you only use your cooler for holding ice & drinks? Well, you’re doing it wrong. The flat top makes a perfect game board! Grab some sea shells on your next trip & play a game of checkers.


To DIY your own ice chest checkers you’ll need: a hard ice chest (medium size is best, this is the “roadie” size), vinyl in any color, sea shells & 2 colors of spray paint.

Step1- Cut vinyl into 2″x2″ squares. You can use scissors, an electronic cutter or a paper cutter. I choose to use a paper cutter because it seemed to be the fastest, easiest option. I cut a total of 42 squares for the board top. It’s okay to have extra room on the sides. It gives the game board a nice border. You may want to measure & do some math before cutting just to be sure. I did not & it still worked out.

Step 2- Attach vinyl squares in checker board fashion. I started on the edge, in the exact middle & branched out from there. Finish board with vinyl squares. They are repositionable if you mess up!

Step 3- Spray paint half of the shells one color & the other half of the shells a second color.

**If you don’t have the sea shells yet, but still want to play, collect a whole bunch on your trip. Try to divide them into 2 different color groups- maybe white & tan, etc. then play a game! You can use things other than sea shells, of course. Rocks would work well too.

Step 4- Package up game pieces (sea shells) in a small bag or jar for toting alongside the ice chest.

Transform your Ice Chest into a Checker Board! #ShareTheLyrics #Ad

If you use something like this drawstring bag above, you can tie it onto the handle. If you use a jar or other container, you can store it inside the cooler.

Transform your Ice Chest into a Checker Board! #ShareTheLyrics #Ad

Step 5- Fill cooler with lots of ice & Coca-Cola! Now head to the water & get to a game of checkers!

PS- I think someone needs to hand me the can that says, “All I do is win” cause I’m the checker champ over here! Don’t tell the husband. 😉

Transform your Ice Chest into a Checker Board! #ShareTheLyrics #Ad

Stop at Sam’s Club to pick up plenty of drinks for your trip! These 28 packs of Coca-Cola all have popular song-lyrics on them as part of the Share a Coke and a Song Coca-Cola campaign. Y’all know I’m a sucker for fun packaging. So I had to buy all the cokes!!! Plus, the “Proud to be an American” cans are perfect for the holiday weekend!

Check your Sam’s Club for Coca-Cola here.

Transform your Ice Chest into a Checker Board! #ShareTheLyrics #Ad

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Not only is the checkerboard great for trips, but it’s super fun for parties & cookouts too! Bring it to the waterpark or ball game. You can even break it out on road trip stops for a quick game. There’s no need to wait till you hit the water destination.

Blessings Y’all!


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