How To Make Money with Amazon Trade-In

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This post isn’t sponsored; I’ve just used this program a few times & love it! Making money using Amazon’s trade-in program is soooo super simple! I thought I’d share for anyone who hadn’t heard of it yet or was skeptical to try it.

Now, I’ve only tried trading in books, but you can use it for basically everything- books, electronics, music, phones, gaming consoles, etc. You can see their list here.

All you do is go to the Amazon Trade-In site & type your item into the search bar. With books, I find it easiest to type in the ISBN number.

You’ll look for your identical item in the search results & select it. They’ll have you confirm the product is exactly the same as whats in the picture as well as the product’s condition.

Once you’ve added all of your items you can confirm the trade in. The maximum amount you will receive for trade-ins will be listed above the confirm trade-in button on the right side of the screen.

So far, that is the amount I have received each time. If your item isn’t in as nice condition as you claim it to be, the end amount may be lower.

From there Amazon will create a packing slip & shipping label for you. Pick any box that everything fits in & attach the shipping label. Be sure to add the packing slip inside too. Mail it whenever you please & wait for an email letting you know how the trade in went.

It typically takes a couple of weeks to complete the entire process & have the funds show up in your Amazon account. It will show up as credit towards any Amazon purchase. Since you can literally buy anything on Amazon for groceries to fancy electronics to toys, you can use it just like cash!

Make sure to sign in to your Amazon account to use up your credit.

How to Buy Things Using Amazon Trade-In

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