DIY Felt Heart Garland

Y’all! Where have I been!?! I missed the entirety of the holiday season & for that I do apologize. Things were so overwhelming with work, fulfilling my vendor duties, keeping up with custom orders, family time & trying to soak up every second of the season I adore. Just the regular everyday stuff, I’m sure you’re all busy with too! I did make a huge point to relax & calm myself down over Christmas though. I tend to get anxious/stressed/mean before these events sometimes & this year I simply chose not to. I’ve carried that attitude into the new year & my husband has even noticed! He didn’t believe I could do it, but admitted he felt the peacefulness before get-togethers as opposed to the regular franticness I display. Hoping to keep this new habit, as entertaining is my favorite.

I have missed blogging & sharing with you all so, so much! I hope to be back more regularly now & create some awesome content for everyone! In the meantime, I sure hope you’ve following me on Instagram- @sliceofsouthernpie & Facebook- Slice of Southern Pie. I’ve been doing some live videos over there! You can always find me oversharing & talking to myself on Snapchat too- cathrynenc. My Youtube channel should be updated again soon too! One thing at a time, right.

Anyhow, I am actually sharing a craft today! Let’s get to that y’all!

DIY Felt Heart Garland

Also…I couldn’t get the photos off of the SD card for some reason. Luckily, I snapped some on my iphone as well. You’ll have to suffer through.

DIY Felt Heart Garland

It’s simple & easy & oh so fancy- It’s felt cut into hearts. Do it with your kids, or while your Netflixing. It makes a good travel craft too.

DIY Felt Heart Garland

Pick a few sheets of felt up at Walmart or your local craft store- they’re usually about 25 cents a sheet. I really like the neutral colors I chose here.

DIY Felt Heart Garland & Winter Mantel

They work great to add some love to my wintery mantel. Once I totally switch the mantel over to pink, I may have to make a brighter garland; but for now I’m loving the neutrals.

DIY Felt Heart Garland & Rustic, Metallic, Winter Mantel

Here’s a full peek at my winter mantel! The post-Christmas transition is always a rough one. Glittery metallics help ease the burden. However, I’m dying for my hot pink candles to arrive!

DIY Felt Heart Garland & Cotton Wreath

Cut the felt while holding it in half to get those perfectly puffy heart shapes. Turn on the hot glue gun & attach along a length of matching ribbon or thick twine.

DIY Felt Heart Garland & Cotton Wreath Makes a Perfect Match!

Create knotted loops on both ends for easy hanging. While you’re making one garland, you might as well make a few! String them up everywhere! I’m in love with the look on the cotton wreath!

DIY Felt Heart Garland

This DIY felt heart garland is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but honestly would be fabulous up all year long. How cute would it be for a little girl’s bedroom? Or even a wedding! Can you imagine rows upon rows of felt heart garlands in coordinating wedding colors? What a gorgeous backdrop they would make! Too bad I hadn’t discovered my love for felt crafts before the Mealey Wedding!



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