DIY Bunny Ear Mason Jars

Hey ya’ll!

I made these last week to sell at the shop & shared the tutorial through my Instagram stories, but I wanted to share them here too! They are just so darn cute & needed to be shown to the world!

DIY Bunny Ear Mason Jar for Easter!

I have a load of Easter stuff I want to share before the big day, so there may be an excess amount of posts popping up-YAY!!

We’ll just start with these guys! Use them to decorate or for gifting or for Easter basket filling. Line a bunch of ’em up for a dramatic centerpiece! They would be darling intermixed with vases of tulips or lilies & hydrangeas! Getting carried away here…

DIY Bunny Ear Mason Jar for Easter!

Making these for yourself isn’t too hard, you’ll just need to have all of your supplies ready!

Supplies Needed: Mason Jar(s), Chalk Paint(s), Foam Brushes, Hot Glue/Gun, Scrap Fabric, Bunny Ears Headband, Wire Cutters, Large Buttons or Felt (optional)

DIY Bunny Ear Mason Jar for Easter!

Here’s how to make your own, step by step!

1- Wash/dry Mason jars. Apply 1-2 coats of chalk paint. I dry brushed a darker color over both jars, if you want that look. Leaving them plain is fine too! Painting the bands is a good idea too! I  just forgot! A contrasting color would look good.

2- Use an emery board to distress your Mason jar. I typically only do this on the raised surfaces & mouth of jar.

3- Carefully use wire cutters to cut the ear parts of the headband apart.

4- Cut a square of fabric that is larger than your jar lid & place the lid face side down on top of the wrong side of the fabric. Wrap it a like a present & use hot glue to hold in place, Trim if necessary. I used a large button over the middle of the underside of my jar lid to make things look cleaner. You can do the same with a circle-cut piece of felt too. You could even paint the jar lid & forget this step, but I like the texture the fabric brings into play.

5- Use hot glue to attach the ears to the jar lid. You will most likely need to angle them, as they will not fit side by side. It is also helpful to put the lid & band onto the jar before gluing down the ears to assure it all fits correctly. Push the ears down into the hot glue for a few seconds to keep them in place.

6- You’re pretty much done! I tied more scrap fabric strips around the band.  You can leave them plain, add fabric, ribbon, twine, pom-poms, etc.

DIY Bunny Ear Mason Jar for Easter!

Get extra creative & add a bunny tail to the back with an extra large pom-pom! You don’t even have to paint the jars, you could just do the bunny ears on top & fill the clear jar with Easter candy! I may do a few more like that for myself.

Don’t Forget to pin it for later —>

DIY Bunny Ear Mason Jar for Easter!

Easter Blessings Y’all!


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