Every Cooler Needs a Monogram! + 5 Miles

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DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

Goodmorning Folks!

I wanted to share a bit about my latest fitness journey today! I’ve never been the least bit athletic, but walking is something I can totally do. A couple of months ago my other in law invited me to go walking one morning & we walked 5 miles. It was a beautiful day & I completely enjoyed our long walk. I thought to myself, this is totally something I can do everyday! So that’s exactly what I’ve done. Since then, I’ve either gone to the gym, outdoors, or the mall to walk/jog/elliptical 5 miles. My goal is at least 4 days a week, but I typically do 6. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far from doing this & trying to eat better. I’d love to loose another 10! 

A major key in being able to get 5 miles in everyday is staying hydrated! Seriously, this is of the utmost importance y’all! I am a water lover by nature. I can never get enough of the stuff, so this isn’t too hard for me to keep up with. Smartwater® makes it even easier with it’s pure & crisp taste!

DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

I keep a cooler stocked with smartwater® in the back of my car at all times. This makes sure I always have waters after a workout & I’m always ready for the next adventure! It really helps me cool down after a workout & it’s so handy to have around anytime I’m in the car! I always have water so there’s no excuse for not getting enough! 

DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

I absolutely had to add a monogram to my cooler! Monograms make everything better! 

You can make your own too! All you need is a vinyl sheet. If you have an electric cutter, this is so easy. If not, you can still make one don’t worry! 

DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

I use the ‘monogram it’ app on my phone to quickly create a monogram. I send the photo to my computer, then upload it to my cutting software. I tell it where to cut & let the machine do it’s thing.

If you do not have a cutter, you can still create a fancy monogram with a little elbow grease. Use the ‘monogram it’ app to create your monogram, then send the photo to your computer. Print out the monogram according to the size you’d like. Cut it out & trace it onto the vinyl then cut the monogram out of the vinyl. You can use scissors or a craft knife. 

Cut a piece of transfer tape to cover the monogram. Place it over the top, then peel the backing away & use the tape to secure the monogram to the cooler. Rub it on & peel up the transfer tape. 

DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold water. I plan to keep my cooler stocked with smartwater® all spring & summer long no matter where I’m headed- workout, beach, day trip, adventure, etc.

DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

I love smartwater® because I can feel the hydration & taste the purity!

DIY Cooler Monogram! #InspiredHydration #Ad

I buy my smartwater® at Target, of course! You can purchase the same 6 packs I buy on the water aisle! Browse smartwater® at Target here & find it at your store!


Blessings Y’all!


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