How To- Color Salt for Margarita Glasses

You might have seen all the hooplah we created over Cinco de Mayo already, but today I’m getting into some details! I made colored salt to rim the margarita glasses & it was SO EASY! I was kind of shocked at how quickly I got these done. I love it when a project takes up less time than I planned! Typically, the opposite happens.

Anyhow, these would be fun for any party or fiesta where margaritas make an appearance. Taco Tuesday anyone? 

It looks awesome & rainbow like, but also helps keep track of who’s is who’s etc. 

DIY Colored Salt for Margarita Glasses

Choose how many different colors you’d like to do & grab that many plastic bags. Add 1/4 c kosher salt (more or less is fine) to each bag. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bag & shake, shake, shake till salt is colored evenly. For a brighter color, add more food coloring. 

DIY Colored Salt for Margarita Glasses

Choose shallow bowls or plates for each color of salt. Slice a lime into quarters & swipe a wedge around the rim of a glass. Place rim of glass in bowl of salt & shake around till covered. 

DIY Colored Salt for Margarita Glasses

Let them sit pretty until ready for use! Put these in a safe location until you’re ready to use them. I kept bumping them around & loosing salt all over my floor!

PS- You can totally use colored salt for kids crafts too!

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DIY Colored Salt for Margarita Glasses

Because I’m ALWAYS thinking about Christmas, wouldn’t red rims with green margaritas be super cute for Christmas! Or you could color sugar the same way & do red & green sugar for eggnog!

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Blessings Y’all!


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