How to Remove HTV

If you do lots of vinyl crafts & play with heat press vinyl…this post is for you! 

I adore my Cricut & literally use it daily, usually multiple times. That being said, I am so not experienced in htv (heat transfer vinyl). I’m more of a regular vinyl girl myself, although I’d love to do more htv! 

A few weeks ago I accepted a custom order for a monogram baseball raglan & it was turning out adorable with glittered vinyl & pretty monograms! I really thought I had straightened out all the kinks of dealing with htv. Then I decided I ought to check the order form & compare just to be sure it was alright. 

Well, OF COURSE, it wasn’t! I PUT THE WRONG NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE SHIRT!! Can you believe that? I was infuriated with myself, because these are the kinds of things I do ALL THE TIME Y’ALL!

After some researching & experimenting, I figured out how remove htv from clothing. I was thrilled with this news! 


All you need is your hot iron. I started by placing the iron directly over the vinyl & it began peeling up. I could only get so much off this way; so next you’ll need to arrange the shirt so that it is sitting over the iron…you want the heat to be hitting the vinyl you wish to remove from the inside out. It is best to do this ASAP after noticing the mistake. 

How to Remove HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl    How to Remove HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl    How to Remove HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl

Using tweezers or other weeding tools, pick & peel away at the vinyl. I worked in sections at a time, pressing down the spot I was working on against the heat of the iron. This worked almost magically. While it took some real perseverance, it eventually all came off. I think the glitter in my htv made it a little more stubborn. 

How to Remove HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl

Once the error is removed, you can iron on the corrected vinyl immediately after. 

I read some posts that mentioned using goo gone, I DO NOT recommend using goo gone to remove htv. It created a much bigger mess for me & stained my shirt. The liquid mixed with the heat spread the blue dye from the htv onto the white shirt around it. I tried removing it afterwards by washing it (twice), more goo gone, dish soap & acetone. While the latter 2 helped, you could still see the stains up close. I ended up refunding the money to the customer & offering her a new shirt. Surprisingly, she loved the original shirt & did not care or notice the stains. 


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How to Remove HTV- Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Blessings Y’all!


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