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As I’ve probably mentioned too many times lately, my baby brother graduated last weekend & due to hit wit, it was dubbed “GraduaNathan.” Cause, his name is Nathan, if you didn’t get that! If you watch my Insta Stories, you saw all the fun setup & hooplah we made. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the main food table, which is where I focused the majority of my attention…darn! I snagged a few of our cupcakes & s’mores bar though! Let me tell you, these are 2 super easy diy’s for a grad party! Like, both projects ended up being even easier than I’d planned. 

I baked the cupcakes the day before, then me & my niece decorated them the day of the party. My niece is freshly 4 years old y’all! She didn’t mess them up at all. That’s how fool proof they are!



Easy Graduation Cupcakes You Can Do Yourself!

TIP #1- If you don’t already do this, pipe icing out of a plastic baggie. You don’t have to get all fancy baker for fancy cupcakes! This makes them look 10x  more professional & is actually much faster than spreading on. 

TIP #2- Use your fingers to sprinkle on the sprinkles. Do not shake them out randomly. Trust me, for some odd reason it just looks so much better. Yes, you can let the 4 year old manage this. 

TIP #3- If your’e using a box cake mix, add a box of instant pudding mix to the package. Pick the same flavor as the cake mix. For example, I grabbed a milk chocolate pudding mix for the chocolate cake mix & a vanilla pudding mix for the funfetti cake mix. You do not need to add any extra liquid. 

TIP #4- Double up on cupcake wrappers if they are too see-through. The chevron liners here had a foil inside, so they were good to go. The polka dot liners were see through, so I placed 2 in each cupcake tin for a sharper look. Some of them did separate, but it still looked better! 

Easy Graduation Cupcakes You Can Do Yourself!

To assemble the cupcakes you need peanut butter cups & fun size chocolate bars. Unwrap the peanut butter cups & place one upside down on the center of each cupcake. Unwrap the fun size chocolate bar & break in half along lines. Place one half of the chocolate bar on top of each peanut butter cup. 

Easy Graduation Cupcakes You Can Do Yourself!

This is the whole dessert table set up. We used all my white cake stands from the Target dollar spot. Brownies & baseball snack cakes were a must. 



DIY S'mores Bar without a Fire! Perfect for a Grad Party or Any Event!

You can see the s’mores bar area here. It was pretty simple too! Graham crackers & marshmallows were served in glass jars with lids because bugs. Setting up a s’mores bar without an actual fire is easier than you think. All you need is a can of sterno! We nestled 2 cans in pebble rocks in the galvanized bucket. Skewers were nearby. You can totally do this inside too! I added vinyl & cute, little tags, of course!

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Easy Graduation Cupcakes You Can Do Yourself!

Blessings Y’all!



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