DIY Wedding Gift- Custom Plaque

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A couple of months ago, we went to a gorgeous wedding for a second cousin & I wanted to make them something special. They are both Aggie alum & I thought that would be a fun twist to add to a traditional family sign. So I created this pretty piece for their home! 

The best part is, it can be customized to match the couple’s personality/home decor/fave sports team/etc. 

DIY Wooden Family Plaque or Wedding Gift Idea!

Here I used the logo of their alma mater. You can customize with any shape, words, initials, etc. 

DIY Wooden Family Plaque or Wedding Gift Idea!

Print the directions & supply list below!


DIY Family Plaque Wedding Gift
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  1. pallet sign- make your own or purchase at a craft store/Walmart
  2. 2-3 colors of paint &/or stain- base color, background color & text color
  3. paint brushes
  4. vinyl or stencil paper
  5. electronic cutting machine
  1. Stain your pallet sign. Let dry.
  2. Use cutting device to design & cut background image, last name & est. year from vinyl or stencil material.
  3. Once dry, apply vinyl background image over middle of sign. Paint sign with base color. Peel vinyl.
  4. Once dry, apply negative space vinyl for last name & est year. Paint letters. Peel vinyl
  5. Leave as is or apply wax or sealer topcoat.

DIY Wooden Family Plaque or Wedding Gift Idea!


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