How I Manage 6 Instagram Accounts- 6 Tips!

Good Morning y’all! We are so close to Friday, I can taste it! What does Friday taste like you ask? Probably pie & fried foods & Dr. Pepper & ice cream & Oreos too. 

Off topic, what I’m supposed to be sharing today is how I manage 6 different Instagram accounts- all business accounts. I manage my personal accounts plus some for the boutique I work for & a couple of their vendors, including some chalk paintin’ queens. It can totally be overwhelming at times, but I’ve been doing all of them for a year now & I’ve got it pretty under control at this point.

6 Savvy Instagram Tips for Managing 1 Account or Many!

This is exactly how I do it!

1-Always take photos ahead of time in batches, if possible. If it helps you, make a separate album in your phone for each different Insta account. I will use some pretty backdrops, grab a ton of items & start snapping away. I typically take photos for at least 2-3 days at a time & sometimes up to a week. it’s harder to do that for most of clients because new product is constantly coming in & I want my posts to be fresh & relevant. I will not schedule out further than a week due to this. Depending on your accounts, you may be able to schedule up to a month at time which would be awesome! Be sure to keep a current list on your phone of possible ideas as they come to you, so you don’t forget about any creative ideas. I use the Wunderlist app on my phone to store all of my lists of all kinds & have been for over 5 years, it’s pretty amazing. 

2-SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE! I use Later, but there loads of services out there. While you ultimately cannot schedule a post straight to Instagram to automatically post for you (it goes against Instagram’s policies), there are several services (like Later) that you can use to schedule out the photos for particular times, add captions & hashtags. Pay attention to holidays, seasons, events, etc. for content ideas. 

3-Set up hashtag keyboard shortcuts. This is a LIFESAVER! If you take 1 tip from this entire page, this is it!!! I save the most time by using this tip. I set up keyboard shortcuts on my iphone. This means if can set up any “shortcut” of words to automatically suggest a “phrase.” For example, during Christmas I will setup a generic holiday set of hashtags as the phrase & use xmas as the shortcut. I do this because I find myself posting the same sets of hashtags over & over again & it takes quite a while to remember them all & type them out. So when I type “xmas” I might want “#christmas #holidays #whitechristmas #wishlist #christmastree #christmasdecor #holidaydecor #jinglebells #hollyjolly” to pop up as a replacement. Scroll down for the simple setup tutorial! Another add-on tip for hashtags, if you play the “hashtag games” as I like to call them, keep a spreadsheet of relevant hashtags. Foe example, my spreadsheet has a column for each day, season/holiday & other topics…ie; home decor, crafts, farmhouse, food etc. Under that column are appropriate hashtags. For example under Wednesday, I will have “#PioneerWomanWednesday.” Before I post something I will glance at the spreadsheet & choose useful hashtags. I keep this spreadsheet in my Google Docs. I can see it & edit on any electronic device as well as share it with others. 

4-TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS! Just a pet-peeve of mine, if you’re any kind of a business & especially if you manage multiple accounts, turn off those darn notifications! You’re phone blowing up every 5 seconds is a HUGE distraction & waste of your time. This is the best thing you can do for yourself. Set aside certain time blocks to check social media & catch up with comments, dms etc. 

5-Track stats. I can’t say I am the bets at this, but it really helps to see what you’re audience loves & what kind of content gets you new followers. You can easily do this in another Google Doc spreadsheet. List the account name at the top, leave a column for followers & one for notes. Each row will be a date & you will enter the number of followers at the end of each day. If you lost or gained a significant amount of followers, add in some notes of what you posted that day & refer to them later. 

6-Make sure you account is set to “business” so you can look at your stats for optimal times to post. Do this by clicking on the table/chart diagram in the upper right corner of your home page. It will give you insights as to when your followers are the most active on Instagram & what times are best for posting new content, etc. 


How to Setup Hashtag Keyboard Shortcuts on Your Iphone:

1- Open your settings. 

2- Select General. Select Keyboard. 

3- Select Text Replacement. 

4- Select the plus sign in the top right corner. 

5- Type all of the hashtags exactly as you want them to appear in the “Phrase” space. 

6- Type the shortcut in the “Shortcut” space. This part is totally up to you. I will sometimes do a shortened version of the first hashtag word, for example, the xmas above. 

7- Select “Save” when finished. 


How do y’all manage Instagram? I’d love to hear your tips! Share in the comments!


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6 Savvy Instagram Tips for Managing 1 Account or Many!


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