6 Bridal Shower Games That Aren’t Super Boring!

I love shower games anyway because I am a total weirdo & party/event/gathering/shower fanatic. Anyone else? 

However, I have definitely been to the shower where someone goes overboard with games or where they just go on forever & ever & you don’t even know what’s happening! Ya, those are the worst. 

Six Bridal Shower Games That Don't Suck!

Last week I shared a simple & sweet bridal shower my sister-in-law hosted for her sister. We had a fun mix of games & I thought I’d share for anyone wanting to break up the monotony of shower games! 

Although I will tell you the newlywed game is a requirement for all bridal showers y’all! A true classic. You ask the bride & the groom the same questions & they try to answer like the other would answer.Then you compare answers in front of everyone to see how well they know each other. It’s usually very surprising! There are tons of lists of questions & ideas on Pinterest/Google, so I won’t bore you with those. Put a spin on it by rewarding the bride with a prize for every question she gets right or make her take a shot for every question she gets wrong. You can also make her chew gum balls, stick marshmallows in her mouth, etc. You get the idea. 

Six Bridal Shower Games That Don't Suck!

Another shower classic, the “don’t say…” game. Typically it’s played with clothespins, but for a bridal shower we mixed it up with plastic rings from the Dollar Tree. Whoever has the most in the end wins! 

Six Bridal Shower Games That Don't Suck!

A great game for a bridal shower that would also work for a couples engagement party (or couples baby shower), is a ring hunt! I happened to have ring post-it notes from my wedding-planning days, but more plastic rings from the Dollar Tree work too! Explain the game to guests when they arrive (or put up a sign with info) to search for x amount of rings hidden around the party area. Basically, it’s like an Easter egg hunt. Someone hides the rings all around the party space beforehand & then everyone looks for them throughout the shower. Whoever ends up with the most wins! 

I have never played this game before, but came across it on Etsy. You do have to pay for the download, but I think it’s totally worth it! It’s emoji bridal pictionary! Everyone gets a printed sheet with a list of emojis & each set describes a word or phrase having to do with getting married. Guests write out their guess next to each one & whoever gets the most right wins. Here are a few examples- example 1, example 2, example 3

I made up some Disney love song lyric sheets & guests had to guess which movie each song came from. It was an easy one that got us all thinking back to our childhoods! This a fabulous game for the bride who loves Disney princesses!

Psst- Grab my printable sheet here: right click/save as…/print!

Six Bridal Shower Games That Don't Suck!

Also, the key!

Six Bridal Shower Games That Don't Suck!

PS- If you want to give people a clue on this game, let them know each movie is only used 1 time. 

We also played the what’s in your phone game, similar to the old what’s in your purse game. Find a score sheet on Pinterest/Etsy or create your own. Each guests gets a checklist & rewards themselves for things found on their phone. For example- over 1,000 photos, more than half of your battery left, photo of the bride/groom, your headphones are with you, etc. Person with the most points wins. 


**Pro Tip- If you are printing games that people will have to write down answers too (like these above), make sure you have a cute jar of pens/pencils as well as something for people to write on. Have a stack of books ready to go- maybe coordinate with the color scheme? Or you can use clipboards. I just happened to have half a dozen mini clipboards that I had spray-painted gold previously. We tied on some scrap lace & it was good to go! Pass around in a pretty basket & you’re the hostess with the mostess. 

What are your favorite or go-to bridal shower games? 


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Blessings Y’all!



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