Hurricane Harvey

Hey Y’all! 

Sorry for the silence over the last week & a half! Hurricane Harvey got me all messed up on scheduling, etc! I also felt so silly worrying about posting crafts & home decor with all the devastation around me. So a short break was needed. While we were fortunate enough to not have any damage whatsoever, our neighbors, friends & family were not as lucky! Everyone’s seems to have been in a haze for the past 2 weeks & I think the fog is finally lifting. There is still a ton of work to do & so many people in need of A LOT! It will take months for those around us to fully recover & the remains will be here for a while. 

The houses at the entrance to our neighborhood took on lots of water, over our heads in some areas. It goes on down the entire street.

That being said, we decided to do something more to help. So we started making & selling “Texas Strong” decals. I’ve sold a couple hundred so far & the number keeps growing! I am shocked at how many I’ve been able to sell! I’ve had a fabulous group of volunteers (friends & family) who gave helped me get them out the door & it’s been amazing to watch!  

I wanted to share an update on what we’ve been able to do so far & what we plan to do with the remaining funds as they continue to come in. This seemed like a good spot to do it! I’ll officially be back to regular posting of creative content tomorrow, so be ready for all things fall!

I partnered up with my sweet cookie friend, Liv’s Luv & Sweet Treats to raise funds! First, we helped bring a UHaul full of supplies & donations to the Houston area from Vermont by donating to their gas fund. Secondly, we have purchased 24 backpacks & filled them with school supplies. They were dropped off at my local YMCA to be distributed to local children who lost all their school supplies due to Harvey. We were also able to replace a family’s beloved board game collection! They lost just about everything in the floods & this was a little something we could do to help them create new memories. The remainder of the funds will be going to the Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund at the end of the month. 


A huge THANK YOU to anyone & everyone who has purchased from me. I have been so blessed by you all & am LOVING being able to bless all these other people. It’s amazing to see the GOOD that humans are capable of!


Blessings Friends!


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