Decorating Pumpkins with Tattoos!

Last year, I made a gorgeous, patterned, metallic pumpkin using tattoo jewelry! It was time to resurface the video & finally get around to writing a post to go with it!

Do you remember that quick craze a few years back? The metallic jewelry tattoos? They were just like the goofy ones kids beg to use, but prettier & waaaaaay more expensive. I had bought a bundle of them & never got around to using them…so what to do, but decorate a pumpkin with them! Of course! 

It’s so super simple & turns out stunning!! Watch the video below for all the instructions!



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Will you be making any tattoo pumpkins? This can be a grown up girls craft or a kids craft! Let them use all the tattoos they want to decorate their own pumpkins!

DIY Metallic Tattoo Pumpkins!

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DIY Metallic Tattoo Pumpkins!

Blessings Y’all!


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