12 Things to Do Now to Prep for Christmas

This might seem insane to some of you, but finishing my Christmas shopping on midnight Christmas Eve, then staying up all night wrapping seems insane to me! So I plan ahead & I plan waaaaay ahead. I do Christmas BIG & boy do I have some things up my sleeve for this year! I also like to spend some time “relaxing” & enjoying around that time. So I must start planning ahead, like now or like a month ago! 

Just doing a couple of the things on this list now will help you stay calm & less stressed in the end! 

Here are 12 ways to begin the Christmas prep now!

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!

1. Plan your tree! I like to do my tree a bit differently each year. I typically use the same ornaments, but I may change up ribbons or add in different items for a fresh look. Plan your theme/colors now & you can go ahead & start looking for items you may need. 

2. Go through old decorations. If your old decorations are accessible, go ahead & purge them now long before you start decorating. Donate items to Goodwill or sell them on your local Facebook garage sale sights. Keep only what you know you’ll use. This will make decorating less stressful & easier when the time comes. You won’t have to be digging through boxes of things you don’t want to use. 

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!

3. Start planning your parties, get togethers & holiday festivities. It’s not too early to start getting dates on the calendar. The holidays are a BUSY time & if you can get things on the calendar now, you’ll thank yourself later! If you’re planning nay parties, get your info out first so guests can plan accordingly & make arrangements. Jot down as many details as you can for these plans. If you’re cooking, pick out a menu & write a grocery list. When the time comes to shop, you can grab your list & go! 

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!


4. Plan your baking, from the kitchen gifts & Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day menus. Now is the time to pull out your special cookbooks & browse Pinterest for holiday menu inspiration. Limit yourself to a certain number of items so you don’t go crazy & get your lists ready. 

5. I’m talking about lists A LOT! That’s because I am a list person & if you want to plan ahead, you MUST make lists too. There’s no way around it. Grab a pretty notebook & make it your holiday planner! You will need a place to keep track of lists, planning, menus & gifts, etc. You can totally use your phone too, but having a whole notebook is a good way to keep things organized. 

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!


7. If you haven’t already, start your Christmas shopping now! Get as much of it out of the way now as possible. You do not want to be stuck at the store in the massive crowds of people the week of Christmas. It’s just not comfortable or enjoyable for anyone! Unless your crazy, then you go right ahead & have your fun! this might mean you need to go ahead & ask family members to start making lists. It totally doesn’t hurt! Keep a list (of course) of what you’ve purchased for people & what you still need to purchase. This way you don’t get too many things for one person or forget what you’ve already bought.

8. Start wrapping those gifts immediately. I’m serious you guys! As you start buying gifts you can totally start wrapping them! This will save you loads of time later. Store them in a closet & no one will accidentally stumble upon their gift. Just remember to add tags so you know whose is whose!

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!


9. Plan your outdoor decor too! Get a plan or picture together of what you want to do outside this year. Get everyone on the same page early so you all know what to expect & what needs to be done. Set aside an entire morning or afternoon after Thanksgiving to get all the lights up.

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!


10. If there’s anything special you’d like to do this year or new traditions you want to start, plan them right now. You can start collecting items or setting up activities. If you need to take time off of work/school, do it now before others request off. Make a list, gather what you need, prep for the project or activity now & store things in an organized fashion! 

12 Genius Ways to Prep for Christmas now!


11. Start on DIY projects- decor or gifts ASAP! if you want to make everyone homemade jelly, you can go ahead & start on it now. This will save you a last minute headache later! Start on decor projects you want to make as soon as you can find the supplies. This way items will be ready when it’s time to decorate. If you start on your decor projects when you pull out your Christmas decorations, you may not even finish your project before Christmas. If you are selling Christmas items, like I do, you need to start today, at the absolute latest. In order to maximize the buying season, you need to be over-prepared & have a good stock to pull from. I’ll admit, I am totally behind this year! 

12. Buy things you love now. The stores are already putting out Christmas items & holiday decor, which it completely absurd! That being said, if you have an extra minute or two, go ahead & browse the holiday aisles. Look for those items you want to add to your Christmas celebrations this year. Go ahead & buy one here & there. I recommend this for 2 reasons- 1. You are not spending a huge chunk of money at one time on a bunch of Christmas stuff. Picking up an item here & there will make things easier. 2- If you fall in love with something, it will be gone later! Y’all! This happens me to so much! If you leave something behind & you go back for it later, chances are they’re gone! So go ahead & buy it now if at all possible!


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What do you do to prep for the holiday season?


Blessings Y’all!


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