Meet Pumpkin! + DIY BOO Kit for Your Pets!

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If you keep up with me on Instagram, you’ve already met Pumpkin, our rescue kitten! 

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

We live south of Houston & our entire area was greatly affected by Hurricane Harvey a couple of months ago. A few days after the hurricane hit & the water finally went down, my Father in law managed to pull this baby kitten out of a wall! He actually had to bust open the wall in order to reach it. 

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

It appears that the kitten managed to escape from it’s momma & siblings. They were born right before the hurricane & someone else rescued the momma & all the babies, except for Pumpkin. This little guy survived the storm all alone at about a week-2 weeks old! My Mother in law brought it over to our house & we fell in love! 

He had a bit of trouble with development & walking at first, probably from the hurricane/wall trauma. He is walking, running, pouncing & playing like a champ now! The transformation he’s made in a few weeks in a loving environment is incredible!

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

After all this adventure, I wanted to get him a little welcome gift, his own BOO box! I filled it with a few new toys, treats & Purina® Muse®! We celebrate holidays BIG over here & didn’t want to leave our sweet pumpkin out! The BOO box was the perfect way to include him in this month’s festivities!

To make your own BOO kit for you pet, you’ll need to run to your local Petco & gather up supplies! Start with Purina® Muse®, of course! Pick your pet’s favorite flavors or find a new flavor to try! Make sure you have some treats & plenty of toys to add to the BOO kit. I chose to stick with the traditional Halloween colors & find toys to fit that theme. Petco has a whole Halloween toy section right now, so it’s super easy! 

Once you have all of the BOO kit essentials picked out, it’s time to find a basket or some kind of container to hold all the supplies. I picked a metal basket that I can use to hold cat food & toys afterwards. Every basket needs a filler; but, I didn’t want something the kitten would make a huge mess with, like decorative grass, paper shred or tissue. So I decided to go with scrap fabric that coordinated with the Halloween theme! Pumpkin loved snuggling up in the basket with the fabric afterwards too. 

Don’t have a kitten? A BOO kit is a great gift for a new cat owner too! You could even bring one to your favorite car lady! 

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

We want the very best for him, so we’ve been feeding him Purina® Muse® & included it in the BOO kit! He loves the Masterpieces: Natural Chicken Recipe & enjoys the Sailing with Salmon dry food as well!

The Sailing with Salmon dry food includes– Natural Salmon, Egg & Yogurt Recipe, Essential Nutrients with Accents of Blueberries & Spinach, Real salmon is the first ingredient, No chicken by-product meal, No corn, no wheat, no soy, & is USA crafted in Clinton, Iowa. 

The Masterpieces: Natural Chicken Recipe is- Made with real fish or poultry, Great for cats who love paté or gravy recipes, No corn, no soy, No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Natural + essential nutrients, Pleasantly surprising proteins like arctic char, quail and pheasant. 

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

Purina® Muse® cat food is made with all natural ingredients creating a taste even the pickiest cats won’t be able to resist! With Muse you never have to compromise flavor for quality, natural ingredients. Good healthy food, that tastes good too is the bets way to treat your pets!

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

Feeding your cat a balance of wet and dry food is important for your cats oral and digestive health. Purina® Muse® wet & dry food options makes it easy to stick to a balanced regimen! They offer so many flavors your cat will love!

They even offer a Clean Plate™ Guarantee! If your cat says no, they’ll return your dough!


I am not a cat person at all; we have 2 dogs & I never imagined having a kitten. He was adorable though & I couldn’t say no! He’s definitely kept our life interesting & brought us joy the last few weeks. It’s been fun to watch him grow, explore & learn. 

Treat your pets to a BOO box this year & don’t forget the Purina® Muse®!

Keep your Cat Happy & Healthy with Purina® Muse® Wet & Dry Foods! #AD #MuseCleanPlate

You can find Purina® Muse® at Petco on the cat food aisle! Look out for a new range of Masterpieces Dry Formulas coming in February of 2018!

Shop Purina® Muse® at Petco here!

Want to see more on Purina® Muse®? There’s a special Facebook LIVE Sampling event that will be happening 10/18 forPurina® Muse® products! The Facebook LIVE event is hosted by Budget Savvy Diva on Wednesday 10/18 at 9pm ET. There will be free samples of Muse wet and dry food for guests to claim (while supplies last)!


Blessings Y’all!


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